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capt. h:
This one's a personal favorite. In spite of the brevity, the author switched up the style quite a bit from the standard reporting, sometimes using lists and sometimes quoting conversations. This, and good pacing that never dives too deep into the details while still getting across everything that needed to be said, kept me interested.

There were two parts that really stuck out at me.

The first part that really stood out was Entry 3 in the journal. It was great, and speaks for itself.

The second part I found interesting was in Entry 8. Spoiler: The part where _______ ripped open the gates of hell. I very much enjoy when writers give form to entities like hell, and especially when they make those entities far grander than any that exists in reality. I love stories that present a world grander than reality, and I would be interested in comparing how this author presented Spoiler: openning hell to how other authors present, well, anything with machinations beyond mortal comprehension.
I personally liked how the story never actually comes out and gives ________ a name. Remember, Koakuma never actually got a proper name in EoSD - just a title, 'little devil'. Nice nod to canon there.
Ibaraki Ibuki:
I agree with Rou in that all the characters are well written.  What intrigued me the most was how closely Spire's characters resembled their "canon" versions; there were quite a few moments where I said to myself "that's exactly the sort of thing she'd do/say", which I guess would explain why it really does feel as if we're actually observing the girls resolve an incident.
Iced Fairy:

--- Quote ---For added emphasis, note that the supposed heads of the house, the Scarlets, are never given any dialogue. _______ cares for Patchouli and Patchouli alone.
--- End quote ---
An interesting point.  One I missed but that actually does impact the story a lot.

Admittedly that's the one thing I disliked about the fic.  Remilia and Sakuya's lack of involvement seemed strange.  I could accept them being useless but totally disinterested not as much.  I try to mentally write it off as _______ just not speaking to them and vise versa.
capt. h:
Now that you mention it, you're right. Those two are oddly absent. Course, I don't really like Sakuya or Remilia, and I don't think I would have liked the story as much if they had a stronger presense, but that's more because of my personal prerefences than anything.
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