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Dead Princess Sakana:
Alright, since I was more or less tagged by Chao here, it's my turn to throw something into the ring.

I had to think quite a bit about stories I have read here and which one I think deserves some coverage, and I have decided on one that received quite some attention when it was current and that I think will be a nice read for everyone that hasn't seen it before:

Day Planners

What makes this story stand out is, first of all, it's style. As the title implies, the whole "story" consists of the day planners of different Touhou characters, in the form of checklists.
It's not just the individual planners that are fun to read though, because all the events from the checklists can be pieced together into a coherent narrative.

A bonus (or malus, depending on how you see it), is that due to the style the whole story can be read pretty quickly, making it a nice choice for a lazy afternoon with a bit of free time~
Don't you mean ''Marisa's Stolen book club''? :P

--- Quote from: Suwako_Moriya on April 14, 2013, 09:17:19 AM ---Don't you mean ''Marisa's Stolen book club''? :P

--- End quote ---

Even though I got a good laugh out of that I would like to point out that I think what you posted is derailing the topic a bit... I think I made it worse by pointing out that derailment so I'll just leave it to someone else to put this topic back on track Spoiler: (no pun intended).
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