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Von Stein:
Now that I hopefully smacked Iced back into action...

The Journal of Patchouli's Loyal Assistant

I  am not gonna throw around a bunch of writing techno babble for the simple reason that I know squat about that.
I can say that I really enjoyed reading it, the style used is interesting and makes it feel different, and thus interesting. I did enjoy the portrayal of all the characters quite a bit and, as was mentioned before found them very much in line with canon.
There were only two things I was not the biggest fan off. The aforementioned lackluster attitude of Sakuya and Remilia after a certain point, which could be however cases of their outward appearances not betraying their true feelings, what with Sakuya retaining her calm exterior as best she can (Barring seeing Marisa in Patchu's clothes... but I would probably have laughed too) and Remilia probably having a plan going on behind the scenes and ready to spring a trap (Which probably got read wrong by Reimu and turned to ash.) All in all, understandable, but it felt off, compared to the rest.
The other thing I found... off, was the pacing in the end, specifically the pacing of the actual resolution... It went by too quick I think. It's definitely just my own personal preference in the guise of gut feelings, but I felt it was too quick for story purposes. Then again, it did manage to show off a certain blank named entity's power over even something like a so-called Goddess. I did very much enjoy the way the actual end played out so... it felt nice.

Also while I was typing this BS up I had a moment of "Oh Snap" as I wrapped my brain around the blanking out of the protagonist's name. I don't think it had anything to do with obscuring the identity of the character from the reader... but from the character herself. I remember coming across a few stories which played with the concept of names, in particular the power that lies within knowing an entity's true name. The main character's name is obscured because she cannot remember her true name, even if somebody told her to her face, as part of the summoning magic. Only Patchouli knows it at the moment, and thus can hold sway over her. As a side note, after having been released from Patchouli's control, there are no more blank lines. (No name mentioned either.) I am not sure if this was the intention, but it fits. It just fits.

Overall, despite the stuff I wrote I found were off, I still enjoyed it through and through.

On to Serp's travesty.

Amor Fati


**** you in the ***, you ************* son of a ***********, ********** clone of your worthless ******* self!

Why it over already?! T_T
I cry now! T_T

But seriously, holy cannelloni, that was an interest adaption.

I really love that even in this setting, if something makes no sense, and somebody is about to ask what the hell's going on with this... the best answer is still "Yukari. She did it." Makes you wonder if Yukari in this setting is our Yukari... (Or perhaps a reality warping Youkai created within universe)

I felt the description of Reimu's field uniform a bit odd, being basically just Reimu's normal outfit...but... err... I have a sneaking suspicion the explanation involves the color purple...

My only actual beef with this story is the obvious. I miss the tea party and extra stage. T_T
But I understand that (Having like five or so started stories here myself) and won't cause an actual ruckus about it. Thank you for showing me a good time with that story.

Heh, she didn't like it or anything... so why'd she use it to begin with. XD

PS: I'm back.

PPS: Sorry if this sounds like incoherent rambling to anybody, it somehow manages to make sense in my head.

Iced Fairy:
Sorry this took a while.  It's much harder then I thought to find completed stories who aren't by big name people.  I think after the third I may drop this prohibition, and think up some new rules for adding.  However, before I start playing with my criterion I'll toss up this little short by Himiko.  Himiko's pretty solid in slice of life, and she gets some of the fundamentals of the genre in here.  She lets the story flow on its own, she hints at a deeper story and she has humorous moments to keep the story going.  I think she probably could use a few more jokes, and a slightly stronger narrative, but all in all it's a fine time passer, as are a lot of her other shorts.
Ibaraki Ibuki:
Trying to revive this thread... (Although is there a point to doing so if thread is sticky? Hmmmmm....) 

Moving on to the fic: I should admit I do tend to like slice-of-life stories.  There were enough "random" details to gave the fic an atomosphere and keep me interested in the story. The humor was pretty light, though I'm not sure whether there should be more jokes and such; I'm not sure if this story should also be a comedy.  If more jokes can be written in, I'd suggest including those in the scene where they go to Bhava-Agra.  In retrospect, that part seemed like a lost opportunity for some casual or witty dialogue.

What? I'm supposed to be non-existent? Don't be silly, ever since the librarian reboot hit I'm simply an alien with invisibility. I'm also only useful for being a damsel in distress.


come to think of it, this reboot kind of sucks ;w;

However, I've still got the same librarian touch, so today I bring to you another fine piece of literature for your viewing pleasure!


This is a rather old piece by Sakana but it really shows off what I like when he writes 'librarian' pieces which is mostly how he makes each character both distinctly who they are and their own character. It's also an excellent piece of mystery and keeps you wanting to read the full way through. Unfortunately, it's not finished. Which means that I have to go bother him to finish it!

In the mean time, I really reccomend giving it a read even if he never finished it. It's a great piece.
Dead Princess Sakana:

--- Quote from: Chaore on June 02, 2012, 03:15:12 AM ---Which means that I have to go bother him to finish it!

--- End quote ---
Well, looks like I have to now!
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