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[1] 13th Annual Touhou Project Popularity Contest

[2] New Touhou Print Book Announced: "東方文果真報 Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia"

[3] ZUN is expecting a second child! (Update: Born!)

[4] 東方電子遊戯・図説(Touhou Videogames Illustrated) coming on 31/3. Presented by Dengeki PS

[5] ZUN announces PS4 version of Touhou 14.5 ULiL

[6] Touhou Suzunaan Vol. 6 to Have Special Edition with ZUN's Music CD Bundle

[7] Polygon Feature Series: "TOUHOU Creator ZUN Makes a Super Mario Maker Level"

[8] JAGMO orchestra, talk shows & misc Japanese events: Touhou Year-End Party

[9] Waypoint Article: "Touhou and the Quest to Discover an Audience Beyond Japan"


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