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New weekly feature: Ask a Staffer!
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Inspired by this thread from Sir Amat Of Erasu The Seventh, we've decided to start a new thread series, right here in LttE: Ask a Staffer! Every week, a thread will go up from a different staff member, where anyone - literally anyone - can come in and ask that staff member anything they like. It can be a professional question regarding their job around the site, a personal question about their life, or a gag question designed to check whether or not you should lead with that one in your stand-up routine. It's open season! Of course, rule-breaking questions and privacy invasions will likely not go unscathed (so don't bother asking where you can get roms or who made what specific call on a specific issue in the staff forum), and the person being asked reserves the right to refuse to answer any questions they don't want to discuss for personal (or whatever) reasons, but we're still going to try to answer everything we can to the best of our ability. I recommend you use this opportunity to get to know your site staff better, both as forum maintainers and everyday people.

For the purposes of this thread series, "staff member" is defined as "anyone with a job beyond just posting". This therefore includes Janitors, Librarians, and possibly others!

Our first thread will open tomorrow (and when it does, this one will lock), so be on the look out for it!
You've no idea how tempted I was to post "dude where can i get roms".

Ah, to not be stupid.  :/
Seventh Holy Scripture:

--- Quote from: theshim on February 16, 2011, 05:27:19 AM ---dude where can i get roms

--- End quote ---

Janitor Morgan:
I'm interested in seeing just what people will think to ask.

--- Quote from: Seventh Holy Scripture on February 16, 2011, 05:46:53 AM ---http://secure.transtronics.com/osc/index.php/cPath/55_58

--- End quote ---

omg banned
Zengar Zombolt:
This idea I like. Good going!
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