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How can this ever be considered music?
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Seriously. This has got to be the most horrible piece of music i have ever heard. Is there anyone out there who thinks this sounds good? I need to know.
Uhg, once the terrible screamer singer started up I just closed the page.
I really don't like screaming metal that much. Then again I rarely like any Touhou doujin song that has lyrics.
Um... I kinda liked it... *hides*

Seriously though, it's hardly the best thing I've ever heard, but I found it to be wonderfully chaotic~
I'm not really huge fan of screaming in music either; the only thing I can say in the songs defense is that it kind of fits the chaotic nature of Hartmann's Youkai Girl and that the piano part was good.
It's for those hardcore Death-metal/screamo fans.

For a song in that genre, it's pretty good. At least it has a beat, and the piano background made it sound chaotically nice for Koishi. Although the voice was a bit...off.
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