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Tiny Flat Chest (another rewritten song by yours truly)
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Serial ATA:
my god, Iori. You have once again failed to disappoint me with your talent ever since I listened to My Nuclear Love. And the video made me smile really big this morning.  ;D

--- Quote from: Iori E on May 27, 2009, 05:39:15 AM ---FLAT CHEST, FLAT CHEST, TINY FLAT CHEST.


(And yes, that really is me up there.)

--- End quote ---

Oh my god...

...that was fucking epic. You should definitely do more of these in other conventions.

But I agree. Would've been more awesome if it was Mudada.
Iori E:
Remastered version, if anyone wants subtitles.


Mudada has been done to death, even if I love it.
Iori E still does stuff? :V

I'm listening to it now. Good job.
nothing short of epic.
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