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Janitor Morgan:

--- Quote from: Seventh Holy Scripture on April 21, 2009, 07:51:47 AM ---If reporting issues about the text box when making/editing a post stretching too far and cutting off, please clear your cache and cookies.  You most likely have a stale copy of the forum template.

--- End quote ---
Ignore boards function appears to be fucked. Specifically, selecting one or multiple boards to be ignored will set all boards to ignored (or at least all boards are marked on subsequent visits to the ignore boards page). If every single board is again unmarked and the settings saved, all the boards will again be shown as not ignored. Otherwise, all of them will stay marked.
Tried this using Firefox and Internet Explorer, same result with both. Didn't have any of the boards marked as ignored before the update, tried to mark some just now.

Also thank you for fixing the avatar issue.

Question: The search will (as far as I can tell) always only display one post from each thread, even if "show results as messages" is checked. Is this intended to be so?
I'll have to play with it, that sounds like a bizarre bug.

As for search I just noticed that behavior and I think that may be an issue with the query I'm passing to Sphinx.  I'll see if I can find a way to make it pull multiple hits per topic.
Aba Matindesu!:
Forum display on iOS is borked :< someone made a thread on it too.

E: yay fixed
Dizzy H. "Muffin" Muffin:
Spoiler: Links in spoilers are ... not behaving the way they probably should.
They appear visibly, unless you mouseover, at which point they disappear.
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