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Boards are exploding! This is unprecedented serious affair.
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Or we just upgraded.

Hold onto your hats (and reregister).  We're moving over various topics.
aye aye monte capi-tan! ^^ This new look looks sleeker i like it hehe.
*sigh* gotta make a new sig and new profile pic now but its all gravy I'm sure you guys have WAY more work to do than just that XD
After reading the "Guys, Shrinmaiden sucks now" thread I'll be the first to say
Mods, Admins, Idiots, we may be ungrateful but some of us actually give a dam and I thank you all ^_^
That's good. For a second there I thought the topics had to start all over again. (Not that I had one in the first place >_>;;)

Anyways, some might as well get some work, like the Touhou links sticky. It's not updated AFAIK.
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Damn.  Oh well, at least the boards look nicer.  And yay, we can do custom titles (for now I guess)!  And yeah, the links section definitely needs updating.
I'm only copy/pasting the first post of stickies. If there are more links to be had, feel free to slap them in the topic, because it's open.
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