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Time to rebirth this thing.  I'm mainly doing this because I realize two things:

1.  Relays suck.
2.  I suddenly realize it was a bad idea for my mental health to join Mafia.

Yay, so I'll be using version 0.5.2

1.  Everyone starts with 50 gold.
2.  You can bet a given amount of gold on each match, so long as it doesn't exceed your total.
3.  Winning means you get double.  Losing means you lost the money bet.  Tying still means losing the money you bet.
4.  If you hit rock bottom, you get 1 gold.
5.  NEW!  Tournament, once enough people sign up for the tournament, I'll have deathmatch set ups where you purchase  your team based on how much HD they have.  See here:

(3 gold = 1 HD)

6.  If your team wins, you'll get a certain amount of money per tier.  This first tier, if you win, you get 25 gold.
7.  And other people can be on your battle like any other battle.  There will probably be one player match once per day.
8.  However, you can't pick the following:  (I hold the right to add to this list)
-Zombies and skeletons (however, skeletal dragon and liches are allowed)
-Silver statue
-Panda Land Lords

9.  You can only have up to 50 of any given monster.
10.  You'll be given a head of time warning when your match will be, so don't feel like you have to spend money immediately for your monsters.  There will be a deadline for each tier for buying monsters.  None stated yet.
11.  However, if you wish to resell your monsters, you'll get 2/3 of your monster back ROUNDED DOWN.
12.  You can bet without participating in the tournament, so just have fun!
13.  Poor people with less than fifty gold can spend a round begging instead of betting.  Regardless of your gold count, you'll be set back to fifty.

Updated once a day.

Round 1:
Sigmund VS Ogre
Note:  Magic versus brute.  You know this classic set up.

Round 2:
Killer Klown VS Serpent of Hell
Note:  Yeah!  Poke him to death!  Now go for the tickle!  WOOOO!  Ah crud, fireball.

Round 3:
NetHack Round (Note that I'll be pulling battles from different Roguelikes every other day to liven things up a bit)
Red Dragon VS Lich
Note:  Red dragons are well known for being brutes, more so for the fact that they have fire breath.  Liches are on the other hand, have an assortment of nice spells to tinker with.

Tournament List:
-Hizengar Byakuren
Zengar Zombolt:
Oh god yes.
20 to Sigmund.
fuufuu, i'm more conservative, 15 on Sigmund
30 on Sigmund

10 each on Sigmund, Serpent, and Lich.
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