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Lotus Eaters manga discussion thread
Woop woop! From the beginning and not the end haha!

Chapter 1 is out and you can read it you-know-where.

Spoiler: The new girl is called "Miyoi Okunoda" which sounds very human-like. But, if you read the chapter, you tell yourself that there's no way she's human and that she's the antagonist. I'm reaaaaaaaaaly looking forward to more. Like, it's just... WOW!!
Let's enjoy the new manga together!
The Ministry of Silly Hats approves of the new girl.
Suspicious person:
Manga looks pretty darn slick to me. I'm always very open to new Touhou stuff, but even among the mangas, this one's left me wanting for more. I hope this is going to be a monthly release.

Also is it just me or there's been some kind of surprise-battle-manga trend in Touhou of late
Second chapter is out. You know where to read it guys.

Spoiler: We finally know what Miyoi is (youkai (Suima)). But, overall, the chapter feels like a precision of the first chapter. I'm still looking forward where it goes from here.
See you next month! (monthly updates are amazing).
And the third chapter is out.
You know where to find it. :)
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