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Rumia Quest Revival III: Heresy and Magic
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// Do not switch to the real spell card as she will figure out we tricked her

// Hitting our teammates with danmaku is a gamble, if it works then great, if it doesn't we don't lose anything so there's no reason not to try

// Only shoot above the canopy if we can do so without Elis noticing we're doing so intentionally" (Added this to my suggested actions)
Hope ♦ Metal:
//I thought we could get Elis away from Alice so we could grab her grimoire ourselves, but that's a gamble because we don't know if we would be able to do anything with it.
// We don't know how to read Makaian runes currently
Hope ♦ Metal:
//Well we still don't know for sure if she wants the Grimoire (it could be that she's looking for more than one item), just assumptions. What's in the OP is what we are aware of but we could have the wrong information. Why Elis found Alice is probably just her sensing the fake miasma like Louise did (if I'm remembering correctly)
//Things we do know:
Elis is a vampire.
She did something to get away from Remillia and Sakuya (so they might be looking for her)
She might want the Grimoire.
She's looking for the seal between Makai and Gensokyo. If "seal" can also mean "barrier" in this case, then we know where it is and that Okina is most likely guarding it somehow.
Anything missing?

--- Quote from: Hope ♦ Metal on March 29, 2019, 06:42:03 PM ---Anything missing?

--- End quote ---
//She expressed disappointment earlier about not being able to have a rematch with a purple haired shrine maiden. If we asked her the right questions (i,e how long ago did that purple haired miko fight her), then we could use process of elimination to point her at the Hakurei Shrine, but this would be better as a last resort as it could have unpredictable effects...

//Sending her at the gate to Makai could also have unpredictable consequences (if she even believes us). Plus it also takes her close to the Hakurei shrine.

//As for grabbing the Grimoire, it might draw unnecessary attention to the Grimoire, which could prompt her to just club us on the head and take off with it and/or Alice.

//If we stalled until sunrise, and then actually declared a spellcard, we could trap her in the sun with the anti-cheat barrier. But we don't know how the sunlight will affect her, so we can't really rely on this.

//Reading Tom's edit, I still say that if we're going to hit friends with danmaku, we should only use one or two rings per person or group of people, as if it doesn't work there's no reason to hurt them any more than we have to.

//Also since Elis is looking for a challenge, we should probably specify all our spellcards, fake spellcards, and nonspells, to be their lunatic versions.
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