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15th Annual Touhou Project Popularity Poll
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I was able to get the character one filled out but I was too lazy to go over the music one and figure out which ones which X3
Maribel Hearn:
English translated 2019 poll results: https://maribelhearn.com/thvote
Source: http://toho-vote.info/

The questionnaire, comments and detailed character stats are to be released at a later date, as they always do.
youmu has defeated koishi
Any idea where to find the data of last poll? I mean stuff like the number of total voters, i wanted to see how much we dropped this time, but thwiki doesn't have it for the 2018 poll.
Koishi knocked out of third, Aya still Top 10, and Miko AND Futo above all Buddhists? A very successful year.
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