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15th Annual Touhou Project Popularity Poll
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15th Annual Touhou Project Popularity Contest

The Touhou Project Popularity Poll, held by the Japanese Touhou Wiki for over a decade, is a poll open to fans around the globe to vote on their favorite characters and music throughout the Touhou series. Voting is open!

You will need to obtain a voting ID by submitting your email address to the site; you will receive an email with your voting ID included, and when completing any poll you will need to enter this voting ID. There is only one voting ID allowed per person.

Site Translation


Touhoudict is a tool I wrote that translates things on the poll to help english-speaking fans vote. This year I've turned it into a userscript you can install that automatically translates all of the voting options in every poll, along with the questionnaire, and some other pages on the website like the voting ID request page.

With this, people should be able to navigate the relevant parts of the site and vote without worries.



Q. Can I vote from my cell phone?
A. You can vote, but support for phones is not guaranteed. If errors occur such that you cannot vote, please vote from a different location, such as a net cafe or a friend's PC, instead.

Q. Do I need to fill out the comment field?
A. Filling out the comment field isn't necessary.

Q. I don't want to fill out all the spots for votes.
A. Vote for as many as you would like, then leave the others unselected.

Q. Can people outside Japan vote?
A. Yes.

Q. Will it be okay if I vote from the same computer as my siblings, etc.?
A. While it's impossible to say with 100% certainty that your votes won't be mistakenly judged to be duplicate votes, if you include the voting reason in the comment, it should be fine.

Q. I have no choice but to vote using a free e-mail address; will it be all right if I fill out the comment field properly?
A. As long as it's not a duplicate vote, there won't be any problem.
Note: Recently there has been a surge in votes from one-time-use emails. In case using one is unavoidable they will not be prohibited, but please be aware that there is a higher likelihood that these may be marked as duplicates or invalid votes.

Q. What is the maximum number of characters allowed for comments at voting time?
A. 200 full-width characters (or 400 ASCII characters.)

Q. My voting ID email never arrived.
A. It can sometimes take time for the ID to reach the listed email. Also, if you do any mail filtering (even if done automatically through your email service), it may fail to arrive. Please whitelist the domains "@thwiki.info" (for ID requests) and "gmail.com" (for enquiries) so all such emails can go through (if gmail is not whitelisted, even if you make an enquiry, replies may not arrive).
If more than a day has passed, you can resubmit the Voting ID form using the same email. If you've done all these steps and still don't receive the email, please contact us using the Contact Form or through Twitter.

Character Poll

Q. Can I vote for Lily Black?
A. She is included as the "Lily White" option. (Note: In the "Kare Radio" broadcast on Aug 21, 2010, ZUN commented that Lily White and Lily Black are the same character.)

Q. Can I vote for Rin Satsuki?
A. As a character which does not officially exist, she will not be included.

Q. There's no option for the character I want to vote for...
A. As Seihou characters, Uwabami Breakers characters, and ZUN are not characters that have appeared in the Touhou series, they will not be included.
In addition, inanimate objects (Yin-Yang orbs, gameplay items, etc) except for the Shanghai Doll and UFOs will not be included.

Q. Story of Eastern Wonderland's Stage 1 midboss and Stage 3 boss are inanimate objects, so I can understand why they're not included, but can't I vote for other PC-98 midbosses?
A. As of the 14th contest they can be voted for.

Q. Regarding the fairy mooks, will there be separate options for fairy maids, etc?
A. Characters without proper names will be included in the options named after their race.

Q. Can I vote for the girl on the Dolls in Pseudo Paradise cover/label?
A. As of the 13th contest they can be voted for.

Music Poll

Q. How will votes for arrangements of original songs appearing on the music CDs be handled?
A. Arrangements will be displayed as separate items on the voting screen, but votes for the arrangements and their original songs will be counted together during vote totaling. Please vote for the arrangement you like the most. You cannot vote for both the original song and the arrangement, but the counts of which songs were voted for will be included in the results (e.g., see the detailed results from a previous contest).

How are you treating the cases like "Love-coloured Magic" and "Love-coloured Master Spark"?
A: Please refer to the list of arrangements which will be counted together.

Q. Aren't "Bloom Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossoms ~ Border of Life" and "Border of Life" different arrangements of the same song?
A. In this poll, they are treated as different songs.


Q. Regarding the voter survey questions on game clear status, aren't frame drop rates going to be included?
A. We do not intend to go into such strict level of detail.


Q. Are there any plans to include a Spell Card poll?
A. For the time being it will not be implemented.

Q. Can I use pictures I've drawn on Pixiv, etc. as publicity images?
A. Publicity is welcome. Using the hashtags "#toho_vote15" and "第15回東方Project人気投票" is recommended. Participants can also put links to these works in the Cheering page to show their support.

Previous Threads

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Participated! My interests revolve mostly around the early Windows games, so that's where my character (Patchouli forever) and music votes went. Can't ever get enough of these old tunes.

I'd love to see The Young Descendant of Tepes on a higher place than usual this time. Granted, it's just a short appetizer for the main course,  but it does what it does extremely well.
Suwako Moriya:
I can't believe I didn't notice until now that they stopped making the yukkuri joke in 2012. :(
Maribel Hearn:
As per usual, I will also separately publish a single page with the English results in sortable tables, over at https://maribelhearn.com/thvote, both for the preliminary and the final results once they are announced.

Unfortunately it seems that this will be the last time THWiki is hosting the poll; the toho-wiki Twitter account announced that they can no longer continue due to busy staff. However, there is a Chinese initiative (https://touhou.vote/) willing to replace it, and they will also offer localisations, so translation will no longer be needed starting 2020, assuming that project will actually take off.

The toho-wiki tweet: https://twitter.com/toho_wiki/status/1060136182636437505
That's both unfortunate and good news. Hopefully it works out and pulls enough people.

Unrelatedly I fixed a bug where it didn't work in Chrome because Chrome decided to not behave like it says it should behave.
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