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Now then, onwards!

--- Quote from: charliebobson on July 20, 2018, 06:01:33 AM ---Stupid question, but I'm playing this for the first time and loving it and just wanted to check to see if my understanding on how much content the plus disk added is correct. The wiki shows it adds 20 floors in total, is this correct?

--- End quote ---
Indeed, this is correct :) Each floor being gradually more difficult than previous floor in both - layout and monsters.

Plus Disk also adds randomly generated Infinite Corridor, which is currently limited to 250 floors. But those floors were made mostly with aim to go through them as fast as possible (to get as big bonuses as possible), so they aren't large and have their own specific rules and mechanics.
Well, it's not really that clear cut. A lot of the Plus Disk floors just kinda breeze by and don't really add much. Most notably, floor 22 is about as small and simple as a floor from the early game, and some of the early basement floors and b7 are also a noticeable step back from the later stratums of main game. Some of the plus disk floors are MASSIVE and brutal, but definitely not all of them. A good few of them don't even have a boss.
We've gotten quite far with these threads, haven't we?
Labyrinth 1 went through three releases, and Labyrinth 2's nearing it's 5 year anniversary and is STILL being developed. That's some hella longevity @.@
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