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It appears that, after switching providers, my Internet connection developed a nasty habit of going down right after midnight and staying that way for most of the night once in a few weeks.  It's incredibly annoying, because I love slowly falling asleep while casually browsing the Internet well past midnight. Anyway, when this happened for the first time, I went to sleep in a bad mood and had a dream full of Touhou characters. At first everything resembled an isometric RPG game, probably because I've been playing Genius of Sappheiros and Labyrinth of Touhou before, and the second part was just like an animated visual novel.  At one point in the dream, Kanako offered to fix my Internet connection in exchange for a small favor. After waking up, the first thing I did was of course to check the connection and, sure enough, it worked.

--- Quote from: Reiko on November 18, 2012, 07:27:12 PM ---Well, there was a thread about it, but it has been locked due to inactivity (it's still in page 2, though).

I remember having a dream where I was dodging Alice's Last Word, but with more of a first-person view than usual game display (as if I were the character doing this). Weird part is that I haven't even unlocked said spell in game, so I have no idea where this comes from  :V

Btw, I'm always amazed by how well people are able to remember their own dreams...wish I could do that (at least more often than once in a blue moon), it's frustrating to feel there was something interesting which I can never recall.

--- End quote ---

Trust me, i know how you feel too. These three dreams are the first i've remembered in a REALLY long time. Ironic that the only dreams i remember are those related to Touhou. Those, and a dream which i had when i was 5 that recently reoccurred, and would make more sense in Portal settings. It was about an elevator plunging forward past signs labeled "You are perfectly safe" and other such nonsense, including: "This elevator can take temperatures up to 9000 degrees!" (Thanks, Slippy, for that.) Originally, I saw a pit of fire it was going to plunge into.
But ironically, Touhou hijacked that too. The pit of fire was replaced with... something else. Thinking back, i'm almost certain I saw Utsuho in said nightmare during the second time! Translation: even my childhood nightmares aren't safe from Touhou association! Plunging the elevator into a pit of fire.

But yeah. My dreams i remember once in a blue moon. I'm actually pretty sure that the ONLY reason these stuck in my head is because Touhou made an appearance in all of them. As for the elevator nightmare... yeah... reoccurring nightmares tend to be remembered.
I remember having a dream where a Touhou show premiered on Cartoon Network. I can't remember most of the details, but it SUCKED. Almost all the names were changed, too.

Rachel Harrison (Reimu Hakurei) is a nun at the Harrison Church.
Marisa Klarkson (Marisa Kirisame) is a magician who loves borrowing books from Patricia's (Patchouli's) library (no differences here, aside from new scenes where she returns them.)
Sally Clark (Sanae Kochiya) is a nun at the Morway Church.
Yuliana Konemann (Youmu Konpaku) is a gardener (all swordfighting scenes are cut out) in Heaven (hell is a bad word!!).
Shannon Ingall (Sakuya Izayoi) is the head servant at the White Demon House (red implies blood, devil is satanic, mansion will make kids jealous!).

And those are just the MAIN characters. Let's not even get started on the others...

I know ZUN would never allow it, but that's what dreams are for. XD
Someone watched too many shitty 4kids dubs.

By the way, that sounds gloriously awful.
If you want to remember your dreams more vividly, you could prepare a notebook, and jot down everything you remember about it the moment you wake up. It helps if you do it the exact moment you wake up.

I suppose, for me, the weirdest one was me being woken up in the middle of my study. Before I slept, I clearly remember I was doing my History Essay. I looked up to find the person who waked me up,  and it turns out Keine was shaking me and yelling something like "Koishi" or something. I don't really remember that line, but it was pretty obvious I was in a classroom. Surprisingly, Keine only told me to go and wash up first. I dunno what happened, but I know I took my essay with me, and in a moment's notice the scene cut to the Voile Library. I don't really remember what happened here, but it was along the lines of Patchouli saying something about how tired I looked and something about offering to give me a cup of coffee or something and telling me to drink less alcohol(?). At that point of time, I seemed to be actively concious and manipulating the dream. Patchouli said something about how Flandre needed history tuition or ting with Keine again, and offered to help me research on my essay topic. This part felt very real, and I felt as if I was really writing the esaay even though Patchouli was helping me write it. This was the point where the thought of checking how I looked like occured to me, and I was about to look at myself but Patchouli suddenly threw the essay book at me and said something like "You don't really love me, do you?!" and started screaming something about killing me. I managed to take a look at myself and foubd that I was wearing Keine's dress from the weird sleeves and the skirt pattern. Suddenly, I saw Patchouli holding up a spell card (this part, everything was muted) and I was blasted out of the library by some fireball and the scene immediately cut to black.

Next thing I knew was Mokou waking me up, saying something about how I fainted along the roadside with an essay book. I still was apparantly "Keine", and Mokou asked me something about tuition for Flandre, and then the scene cut to black. In this black void Flandre suddenly appeared behind my back with her arms around my waist, saying something like "Teacher, don't go, I still wanna play" in a very childish tone. I remember saying something like "I have to sleep early" and just walked off.

When I woke up, I realized I was writing my essay late into the night when I suddenly had fever and was muttering strage stuff, according to my parents. My essay was written, but it was right beside me.

I was sure there was something that happened while Keine was still unconscious with Mokou, but I just cannot pinpoint what happened.

Edit: Oh... No. I knew what happened...
I remember my skirt was torn, I was partially undressed, and my socks were strewn over the place... And Mokou had that weird smirk on he face when she woke me... Why didn't I realise...
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