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Just my luck that I managed to start a topic the day before the forum reboot.


Q: Hey, I've never heard of this game, what is it?

A:  An old school RPG dungeon crawl recently released for the DS by Atlus in the United States.

Q:  How recently?

A:  Like six days ago of starting this topic.

Q: You've already beaten the game?

A:  Heck no, this game is grindy and takes forever to get anywhere, I haven't even gotten past the first floor.

Q: Do even you know how many floors it has?

A:  Nope.

Q:  So this is a blind LP?

A:  That's my style.  (And Xan's, apparently, who shall be working with me.)

Q:  Why do this here and not at the LP forums or Something Awful?

A: To be honest, I'd just like to see if people like it before I move onto those places.  If we do good here, we might go there.

So this is going to be a screenshot LP done by Xan and I.  The way it's going to work is that we do it semi-weekly.  I'll be doing it mid-week, he does it weekends.  Simple, yes?  As I said, this is going to be a very blindly run LP, but I have done some research before jumping, namely unlockable classes that would be a pain to otherwise get unless you know what you're doing.  Copy and pasta game faqs...

--- Quote ---Paladin:
Str 13, Int 13, Vit 13, Dex 9, CHA 13
Level 10 Warrior, Level 10 Priest, Siege Warfare skill (req Cha 13).

Str 13, Int 13, Vit 11, Dex 13
Level 10 Warrior, Level 10 Thief, Tree Climbing skill

Str 13, Int 11, Vit 13, Dex 8
Level 10 Warrior, Level 10 Mage, Healthy Living skill (possibly plus one other)

Str 11, Int 13, Vit 13, Dex 13
Level 10 Thief, Level 10 Priest, Acrobatics skill, (two others Babelfish couldn't translate?)

Str 13, Int 13, Vit 9, Dex 12
Level 10 Thief, Level 13 Mage, Astrology skill (Mage 13/Int 13)

Str 9, Int 13, Vit 9, Dex 13
Level 10 Mage, Level 10 Priest, Ancient Languages skill, Ecology skill (botany?)
--- End quote ---

Those are the minimal requirements for the secondary classes apparently.  More on this stuff later as I introduce you to the game.

Chapter 1:  Historically Accurate

Ah, good old Atlus, bringing us RPGs like Etrian Odyssey and Disgaea.

Success!  Game over!  We win!  I hope you enjoyed this LP as much as I did!  Thank you and good night!

Oh, no wait, we haven't even started.  Eh, whatever.  New game please.

The who?  Sorry, I'm not well read on old literature or fantasy literature.

Hey, a play!  I like plays.  Like that one where a guy gets stabs and goes BLARG!

Okay, maybe it's just me, but I don't believe I've ever seen or heard of a play and/or novel that solely focuses around some adventurers going up a tower.  I really need to catch up on this stuff.

Um, thank you Mr. Rahalmaqui.  Must really suck having to write that out every time you sign something.  Do you just go by Mr. R?

Flavor text, I'll be cutting this out of most of the screenshots and just typing it out instead.

AND BAM!  4th wall broken in under 15 seconds of game play time.  I don't think any game has been as fast in history to do that.

Why dear, sir, I'm afraid I can't.  See, I'm currently busy dealing with other matters such as guiding heroes through worlds with 4th walls.

Hey hey hey!  This is against my rights as a human being.  I demand my right to freedom of choice.  This is RAILING!  RAILING I TELL YOU!

Eventail jots something down without waiting for a response.  "Now then, do you have any questions?"  He does not even look up, seemingly absorded in making sure his ink dries properly.

Yes, where's the higher authority around here?

:  Just shut up and go with it.  You bought this game after all, right?


Skip past this part if you don't want to know about the tutorial of sorts.

Ask about registered members
Ask how to create characters
Ask how to select party members
Ask about the controls
No Questions

I'll be doing these in order

Ask about registered members

"If you wish to see details about registered Guild members, simply select 'Status'"

Ask how to create characters

"If you wish to create a new adventurer, select 'Create.' Follow the instructions and you should be fine."

How to select party members

"First you choose 'Party', and then choose 'Select.'  A list of currently registered Guild members will be displayed.  Choose four members from the list. If you do not like any of the members on the list, feel free to create more."

Ask about the contorls

I'm going to sum this up quickly.  Control pad to move and turn, A to confirm, B to cancel or go to the menu.  X displays an explanation to whatever is displayed.  And that's it.

Okay, down to the meat of the game.

In case you weren't reading, we now have several options.

Create:  Make new party member.
Status:  Check how the party is doing.
Party:  Mess around change around the party.
Learn:  Teach your dudes new skills.
Info:  Talk command with the Guild Master.
Leave:  Explains itself.

For now, we need four people for a party.

We have four races, humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings.  Humans are all around, elves magical, dwarves fighterish, halflings are quick.

Alignment can either be neutral, lawful, or chaotic.  We generally want a party of either one or the other since that allows us to get better stuff later.  No neutral please.  This also effects a few spells in game.

St - Strength
In - Intelligence
Vt - Vitality
Dx - Dexterity
Ch - Charisma (not sure what this stat does)
HP - Hit points.

Classes: (for now we only have four)

Warrior - Fighter dude, can't cast magic though
Thief - Faster than the fighter, but weaker, good for disarming traps and getting goodies from the dungeon.
Mage - That weak guy that uses offensive magic.  Has some defensive magic, but it's meh at best.
Priest - Has healing magic and defensive magic, some offensive magic, but best used for healing and stuff.

And name, self explanatory.

So here's the deal, forumers, I need four party members, and I want you to pick and choose.  Name can only have 8 characters, but other than that, no limitations.

Please, let's not have Touhou characters for a change, they're nice and all, but they get old.  I'll take video game characters and anime characters, heck, even Beowulf or something.

I'll continue the game and get to the game play hopefully on Weds.  Let's see those characters.

Some things you might want to know:

1) Weapon statistics are hidden.
2) You can and probably WILL get raped by the RNG.
3) Starting stats are affected by RNG and you are advised to reset often if you min/max.

Hey, look, it's Etrian Odyssey but it isn't confused as to whether it's Japanese or Western. About bloody time, I mean, Etrian was off-putting as hell.

I'm actually kind of surprised that this type of game would still be made in this day and age. Atlus are tampering with niche titles a lot lately, but it's difficult because it's a borderline between mediocrity and unloved gem.


--- Quote from: Elixir on April 21, 2009, 12:46:35 PM ---Hey, look, it's Etrian Odyssey but it isn't confused as to whether it's Japanese or Western. About bloody time, I mean, Etrian was off-putting as hell.
--- End quote ---

Was it? Would rather not discuss it here in an LP thread but I found EO rather entertaining >_>

Name: Kikyu
Alignment: Lawful
Class: Halfing Priests


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