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An old pic - Bloomers of Our Mikos

Ah, so you've found the headquarters of our artist coalition. Capital! Pull up a cardboard box and join us for a spot of tea and a chat. Here, have a mug. Ah, you're lucky, that's our last one with Shanghai on it. Here, have some tea and a scone. There's plenty of space in this tea cupboard for everyone!

Hmm? What is this place, you ask? Well, as I said, this is our headquarters, a bastion of creativity, music, quill, pen, ink and paint...and tea too, yes. What? Well, yes, it's a tea cupboard too, but you see, that's the strategic part - we'll never run out of tea here! What? We're sitting on cardboard boxes? Well, yes, all the better to paint on!

What do we do here? Well, this is where we artists of Alice's Haven come to discuss our arts and techniques....or ok, who am I kidding, we mainly come here to chat and chill ^^. But yes, this is a great place for trading and sharing experiences, ideas, sources of inspiration, techniques, etc.

All in all, welcome. Do make yourself at home. Oh, and don't mind the draft. We keep it for fresh air.

Artist Coalition Headquarters Information Desk - Main Directory
So what can you find here at Alice's Artist Haven? Well, lots of things. So many things that you might just get lost. We don't want that, do we? So here's a general guide on the what and where around here.

General Threads
Pixive/DA Thread

General Request Thread

Art Threads by Project/Theme
Emancipation of Self's Impression - Post your self-portraits here!

Hiroan Doki's Touhou Superheroines and Supervillains

Ijiyatsu  General Art Thread

Touhou Nekokayou, by KimikoMuffin - A series of lighthearted parody SWF comics

Miscellaneous Art Thread

Touhou Yu-gi-oh cards, by Yuka Kazami

Art Threads by Artists

Anonymous Fairy




JT's Art Thread











General Music Threads
General Music Posting Thread

Music by Project

Cloudy with an Chance of Cucumbers by ShinyaKyoto

Cirno Theme Medley by Drake

Lotus Land Story by Drake

Casket of a Star Piano Arrange, by Shining Drake

'Forgotten' -  Kogasa Tatara's Theme Arrange, by ^^Flandre^^

U.N. Owen Was Her? (PC-98 Arrange) by unicode787plus

Touhou GTA Project - Custom Gensokyo Radio Station by Tempest

Music by Artist
FoxX's 'Shou' & Tell Thread

Sercan's Music Thread

Acoustic Touhou Arrangements  by flamezero16

Making melodies need love!  by Anunsew

PT8's Tonedeaf Works

Piano in Pseudo Paradise  by Squidtentacle

Venture! Timid Youkai!  by Lloyd Dunamis

For those of you who want their art/music thread links replaced with a logo or icon, just post it here and let me know. Please make sure it's 150x150px, just for uniformity. 

Something you want added to the directory? Something you want amended? Post it here or PM me.
Just a notice to everyone - I'll be busy over the next few days, a little too busy to read every single thread, so if anyone comes across anything that Shiki might frown on then please PM me and let me know. Thanks in advance for the help~

I'll still be around, just not as rigorously vigilant as I should be.
Link's broken, bro.

--- Quote from: JT on March 08, 2010, 07:15:41 AM ---Link's broken, bro.

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Also added the recent new additions to the directory.

Now, for a conversation starter - what do you find fun about drawing?
Dizzy H. "Muffin" Muffin:
Hmm ... Last night I had this idea of organizing an "Exquisite Corpse" comic -- basically, we get a bunch of different artists together, and each one makes a single page, and everyone sees only the previous page. Possibly make it explicitly create.swf themed (since that's how I'd want to participate).
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