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I was just reopening this thread to re-suggest a Twitch link, only to find that the last post was already suggesting it nearly 4 months ago with no response. Seems simple enough, and it seems quite a number of people stream (whether Touhou or other games).

Also, some of the profile fields are almost certainly no longer relevant. Wasn't MSN messenger discontinued, for instance?

While it might be more complicated, I'd also like to suggest filtering down full links, since I've seen some people copy-paste those in by mistake. Say, if one of these is entered:

--- Quote ---https://www.youtube.com/user/KarisaMirisame
--- End quote ---
Then remove everything up to and including the last "/" so the link is functional. That might be a good convention for most of the profile links, actually.

I guess this doesn't really count as bumping since it's a sticky? But anyway, like the above posts from two years ago said, the list of services in the forum profile part of the account settings is kind of hilariously out of date, as I just noticed. Raptr closed last year, ICQ is somehow actually still alive (but does anyone actually use it?), AIM was discontinued last year, MSN Messenger was discontinued in 2013, YIM is apparently not technically discontinued but only works on phones and browsers now, Google Talk has been completely replaced by Google Hangouts which is part of Google+ so doesn't need a separate entry, and... okay, I guess MySpace is somehow still alive. I second the suggestion to add at least Twitch, and given Discord's popularity these days it should probably be among the IM clients in the profile. I'm sure there's other popular stuff that people use that would make sense to add too.


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