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Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 - DOS Ist Gut, Ja? (3)
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--- Quote from: Golbez on January 08, 2020, 10:10:35 PM ---Terraria run was disappointing. Badger tried hard enough but any runner should prepare for a worse case scenario. I would love to see him back for a non-seeded glitchless run, even if it is just until wall of flesh.

For the runs I watched, it feels like estimated time was way shorter compared to the runs in years before.

--- End quote ---

Yeah the estimates do seem a lot less lenient this year. Also; the delays have basically made it so most of what I could see today was the FF8 9-hour run.

Which managed to come in 15 mins over time, despite apparently having a pretty good run? A decent example of the estimates being pushed lower this year. Estimates according to GDQ guidelines should be 'In 99% of cases you come under it', but it certainly feels like they've been pushed to maybe 80% of the time.

Edit: As awesome as the run of Mushihime-sama Futari is; it's a SHMUP autoscroller; the commentators are treating it like a scorerun; and the estimate is blatantly wrong; [35 min and at 40 and still going] How do you go 5+ mins over a realistic 'estimate' in a autoscroller. Answer: It was probably submitted under false pretense for the amount of time.

Kinda annoying.  As great as the gameplay is this absolutely is not a Speedrun and shouldn't be here.

It's like saying you can really speedrun Touhou. You can do it a *little* faster maybe, but not much.
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Oh boy, Animorphs is up next.

For doing 125% (there's apparently a dev code for an Ax-based mission), just being two and a half minutes over estimate is actually pretty amazing.

I really should try to get vacation days for next SGDQ. I've missed so many good runs to work and transit and work and sleep and work.
The video's should appear on YouTube in a few days. I will probably miss Luna Nights live unless the schedule  gets more out of whack.
Tamer Anode/Cathode:
The MM3DOS run was even better than I was hoping for because I entirely forgot about the CGA mode incentive
What a fantastic marathon! See you all in June.
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