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Q: I cannot find my replays for Touhou 12 and newer games.
Answer: For Windows7 and up users, the replays for these games are stored at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\ShanghaiAlice. Make sure hidden folders are enabled.

Q: My game's not running at 60FPS.
Answer: Go into display properties/advanced settings, and set your refresh rate to 60 hertz.

Q: That still didn't fix it.
Answer: Run in windowed mode.

Q: That didn't work, either...
Answer: Try to select 'Force 60 FPS' in the config.exe.  If even that fails, you could always go into your graphics card options and enabling V-sync.

Q: I try to run the game, and I don't see the original Japanese/I get a huge error message.
Answer: Install East-Asian language support, and switch your regional settings to Japanese.  If this doesn't work, get a program called AppLocale.

Q: My sprites are all messed up.
Answer: Get the latest DirectX.

Q: How do I focus?
Answer: Press Shift/read the manual.

Q: Mountain of Faith requires a component I'm missing.
Answer: Download the latest DirectX.

Q: The Imperishable Night (and/or other game) update patches won't work!
Answer:: Install the games while in Japanese non-unicode mode (Control Panel/Regional and Language Options, Advanced Tab), or while using AppLocale (not tested) and the patches should work, you pirate. ~  Make sure you're running the patches in Japanese non-unicode mode as well.

Q: The Imperishable Night (and/or other game) translation patches won't work!
Answer: Make sure you've installed all of the update patches from ZUN's site first.  Then install the English patches.

Q:  My Touhou Games all crash with an error message on startup on a Vista System (32-bit)!
Answer: Set the security properties of the HDD where the offending game is installed to allow writing to the drive.

Q:  My FPS is jerking around to infinity and beyond (200+)!
Answer: If you're running a dual core, find the process and set the affinity to only have one core handle it.  If this is only happening in EoSD, scroll up.

Q: Why doesn't the config.exe of IaMP open?
Answer: Go to the properties of the IaMP's config.exe, and change the compatibility to Windows 2000.

Q: It's still not working, help me!
Answer: The config.exe file here worked for me; not sure if it'll work for you but it's worth a try.

Q: How do I get MIDI music for PoFV to work?
Answer: In the full version, you can't. The full version doesn't have any midi files beyond the demo, that's why the midi option is actually disabled, though selectable. BTW, you can extract the midi files, along with the graphic files, with a certain tool found on Pooshlmer..

Q: Mountain of Faith isn't letting me save replays on Windows Vista!
Answer: This is a problem quite a few people seem to have.  Not enough information avaliable on how to fix it yet, sadly.

Q: I can't use my Gamepad for the PC-98 games.  How do I get it to work?
Answer: Use Joy2Key.

I downloaded every Touhou game that I know, and each has showed the same problem with the image only background appear. the sound is ok, but has no image that is not the background ?? (even the menus doesn't appear)

please, wath is happening? anda how can I fix this problem... I want to play Touhou soooo bad!! >_<

tanx for the tip

Your problem is that you downloaded the games. We do not endorse or support piracy here. Please purchase the games; that will likely solve your problem.


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