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Promare - oh my god it's real??

It's a film! 2019 international release in theaters! Top talent all across the board!

I'm super excited to see how they're going to be able to fit all this good shit in a film length. It's actually a bit terrifying.

We've heard they were going to use CG in its production and some people have been rightfully skeptical of its use but the stylization and blending makes it look so good. I totally trust Sanzigen to make this work.
Hot dog, this looks nuts. I'm in!
Alright, just got back from the theater. I saw it with a big group and I think I liked it the most of anyone I went with, but nobody disliked it. For my part I loved it. Our theater had fucked up sound unfortunately so I missed out on it a little bit, it was legible but definitely much quieter than it was supposed to be. The art style is spectacular, basically every frame of the entire movie is completely stunning to look at, and that doesn't come at the expense of the characters and plot at all. It's a fun, bonkers, gorgeous movie that I would totally see a second time in the theater if anime didn't still get such pathetically short theatrical runs in the US.

Spoiler: I'm surprised I haven't seen more talk about this, but for a movie that borrows a ton of stuff wholesale from other Trigger projects, one of the most interesting things it borrowed was the same-sex romance from the end of Kill La Kill. There's a straight-up unambiguous yaoi kiss between the hero and rival, and while there is a joke afterword it's not a joke that tries to invalidate the kiss at all. The romantic relationship between those two characters isn't developed a ton after that point, but I still think it's a super cool thing to see.
Apparently it is getting a second short theatrical release in North America soon, so if you haven't seen it then check for nearby screeninings. There isn't one in my state this time unfortunately.
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