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Sakuya Quest 12 - A Z-Machine Adventure
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Hello Purvis:

>You are Sakuya Izayoi, Accidental Chrononaut!
>After having a normal morning, an explosion at the mansion lead to you having some kind of accident while trying to freeze time and blacking out. You awoke in a strange forest, and after exploring and bickering with some faeries, eventually found a river, and then some fisherwomen. From there, you sent to their town, a little farming hamlet called True Glorian, and after a faux paus on your part, met with their leader, one Sir Kay of the Round Table. Sir Kay handled some of your questions, helping you figure out that you were in someplace still called Gensokyo. Following his advice, you went northward, over a sizable forest, and found an equally sizable town, larger than any you had seen before. From there, you went eastward after inquiring with a local youkai and found the Hakurei Shrine, and Reimu.
>You learned that you have awoken centuries into the future. Reimu has become a goddess, Scarlet Devil Mansion is gone, and the world has changed greatly, According to Reimu, there is a surviving member of the Mansion at the Myouren Temple, which seems to have been renamed the Hijiri Temple. After inquiring about things such as who is still around, and what had happened in the world, you decided to try to learn what you could, then find a way home. You have obtained a blessing from your old friend-turned-goddess, and her invitation to return whenever you need to.
>After some false starts, you made your way to the Hijiri Temple, and found Flandre had taken up residence there, as well as the youkai form of her old pet dog. She told you the story of the slow decline of Scarlet Devil Mansion, as as much about the fates of its residents as she could. You then convinced her to join you for a time. With Flandre in tow, you followed Reimu's advice and went to Bhava-Agra. There you encountered Miko, who had ascended to Celestialhood herself, and followed her to the Dragon Palace. You briefly met Tenshi, who seemed to have become the leader in the mean time, and then was taken to meet Ran Yakumo, who had ascended herself as a consequence of being a kitsune. >Ran seemed to have taken over Yukari's role, and after a somewhat rocky start, offered to help try to return you to your proper place in time, giving you a few items to seek out for her to do so: Rainbow Sand, an object that has endured between your era and this one, and echoes of the incident that brought you here.  She gave you a pendant to collect the last one with. Armed with this, you then went on to explore a new place that had sprung up since your departure from history: Apex.
>Apex was a riot of colors, technologies and cultures, almost too much to take in; loud, crowded, and alien. With Flandre's help, you found a tea house that Nue runs, and fulfilled an obligation that you made to Sir Kay. Along the way, you were also robbed by a youkai named Coyote, who helped you find your way to Nue's place. Nue welcomed you, and told you what she knew, suggesting that you seek out someone called the Rainbow Serpent to get the rainbow sand you need, then suggested visiting the central building, the Diet, to learn more.
>Taking this advice, you met Kanako and Sir Ector, father of Sir Kay, in the lobby. Discussing with them, you got a general idea of where the Rainbow Serpent might be found, and something of an idea of what to expect, as well as a little background on Apex itself. You then followed their directions into the Avalonian Quarter. Asking around led you toward a marketplace, where you met the somewhat familiar face of the Hell Raven, who was all too happy to help you find your way while talking about various things.
>With her help, you found the Rainbow Serpent in a public forest, and followed her on a strange journey that lead you through barren landscapes and speaking with a talking nautilus before suddenly awakening on the ground with the Rainbow Sand you needed in hand, and no sign of your benefactor, just a talking nautilus in the nearby creek. The hell raven then took you Hatate's place of business, where you managed to secure a meeting with the tengu, talk for a little bit, and obtain a picture of Flandre. Splitting off from her, you visited Shou at the Myouren branch temple and found Tojiko there as well. Afterward, you finally put Apex behind you and escorted Flandre back home.
>You set out to find Futo, and did so successfully. After a chat with her, however, you encountered a shinigami with orders to take you back to Higan. You complied, and found that Komachi had become the Yama in the intervening time, and convinced her to give you time to sort things out before being tried for apparently exceeding your lifespan. as an aid, she ordered the shinigami to take you to two places with her abilities. While on the way, however, things became complicated as Yuuka managed to reach into whatever distortion the shinigami causes while travelling and yank you out of it. Things were tense for a little bit, but the two of you eventually came to an understanding. You then met with a kappa in Kanako's service, who agreed to provide rapid transit to the other cities on the goddess' orders.
>You then returned to the site of Scarlet Devil Mansion, where you encountered a hostile agent of The Warlord, a local troublemaker, trying to excavate any lost items of power that may have been left behind. You defeated her after a brief but nasty fight, and took it upon yourself to explore. You found a wooden guardian monstrosity, and past it a hidden underground lair, where Alice has been hiding for heaven knows how long, attempting to perfect vessels for Patchouli and Marisa, both of whom had passed on. She has agreed to aid you in exchange for bringing her research back to her past self.
>After visiting the dojo that Meiling had established and was buried at, you visited the Hakurei Shrine once more for some ideas, then returned to the old human village to visit a museum in hopes of finding the last component you need to return home. Meeting with the staff gave you some hope, they have some old coins they are willing to part with for a high price or a equivalent trade. Using the vehicle that Kanako loaned you, you went to the netherworld in an effort kind of patch things up with Yuyuko. It is unclear if you really succeeded or not, but you didn't come away feeling sated at all. Afterward you picked up Nue, and had a rather awkward sort of date with the kappa driving the vehicle and crushed her heart. From there, you took Nue to meet with Sir Kay, who are apparently old acquaintances.
>From there you went to gather some digging supplies, and prepared to go hunting for the last piece you needed the old fashioned way! Along the way you met one Shuuei Spectre, who offered to take the tools off your hands when you were done. Returning to the ruins of Scarlet Devil Mansion, you worked you way up to the old stone bridge that used to be reasonably close to it, and found that faeries still liked to gather there. In particular, you found one of your previous maids, and quickly got drawn into dealing with a monster that has been terrorizing them. This monster, the Wumpus, turned out to be a savage and primative brute of a youkai who attacked you directly, and barely let up until you finally took her down in a drawn out battle.
>Afterward the maid, Dreamy Sky, showed you on old cache of toys and junk that a faerie kept in the mansion ruins, not long after you vanished from history. Securing it, and taking care not to damage the aged and delicate thing, you reunited with Mitsu and had a brief flight back to her home in Old Hometown. Dreamy did not take well to the flight, and is slow to leave, sitting on your lap as you sit in the vehicle's passenger seat. You've traded some of the objects in the trove for for an old coin at the museum, which completes your necessities for returning home. Since then, you have been coming and going to the Hijiri Temple, preparing for the evening. You visited Aya, and learned a bit around the world, but nothing about what happened to Remilia. You've arranged to let Dreamy Sky stay with Flandre and help with temple duties, and you had lunch and parted ways with Alice.
>The next morning came all too soon, despite your sleeping in. Still, you met with Flandre, who was determined to accompany you until you returned home, and Alice once more. You gathered a little information about the buddhists you have yet to meet, then went to visit Mitsu once more to use her flying chariot to find them. You visit visted Enkyo, a city with a large number of religious institutions, and eventually found Nazrin, as well as Meira, after bouncing around between a few such institutions. The former signed your statement, while the latter obligated to try to help out Youmu in a nonspecific manner in your era.
>Next you went to the Haihan region to begun searching for Kyouko. This lead toward the supposedly cursed Funsai Mountain. You have a quick tangle with the residents of the lower reaches of the mountain, you found Kyouko and a couple of tengu reporters. You gathered some information on the area's leadership, as well as Kyouko's signature. Afterward you returned to the chariot to find a small military deployment waiting for you. After being unable to ease their suspicions, things broke down into violence, which Flandre helpfully dealt with.
>Afterward, you flew back to Apex and informed Kanako of the event. Then you went to find Seiga. After some asking around at the branch temple there, then hiring a local kobold to be passable guide, you located her at a bakery and managed to convince her to sign the statement. Afterward, you left Apex, and made a donation at the Moriya Shrine, which resulted in a brief and somewhat tense conversation with Suwako. Afterward, you visited the Netherworld once more, and were disappointed to learn that Youmu's problems may have been romantic in nature. Regardless, you had a reasonably civil conversation with Yuyuko before leaving, and being upbraided by Flandre for being cold.
>With your travels done, you returned to Old Hometown, and found that Alice had managed to somewhat narrow down that the Hakutaku of that era had hidden herself in the Forest of Magic. From there, you deduced that the merchant there would have some idea where she lived, and found she knew exactly where the Hakutaku lived.  After some wrangling, you managed to gain access the Hakutaku's home, a series of chambers burrowed under the forest, and gained an audience. She, unfortunately, didn't seem to know much you had not already learned, or perhaps simply refused to tell you.
>With that done, you made your way back to Ran's home, with a brief stopover at Miko's home for a signature, and had her return you to your era. Returning, you found that a day had passed and the maids were trying to clean up the damage. After briefly speaking with Koakuma, you then made your way to Remilia's side, then sought out Patchouli and  Flandre to explain things as well as you could.
>You then went to the human village, meeting various people and relaying messages from the future. Generally you were met with various degrees of skepticism and incredulity. In one case, attempted physical assault. But you have persevered and delivered such to the Myouren Temple, the Taoists, Tenshi, Yuuka, and Shuuei while doing your best to hunt down Meiling, who is out trying to find you. You've managed to chase her down to Youkai Mountain, where apparently she is around the Moriya Shrine. You are currently going through the tengu village, passing out messages on the way up. Right now, you're speaking to the surprisingly alluring wolf tengu you met in the future, who is thoroughly convinced someone is playing a prank on her.

--- Quote from: Kilgamayan on July 25, 2017, 09:46:41 PM ---> "I assume that is not the case now, given your incredulity at seeing that paper."

--- End quote ---

>"No, faeries have not ever been permitted here, and there's no way that'll ever change," Kazuha says.

> "I suppose it makes little sense to do so now. But Gensokyo will change, grow, and evolve over the years, and attitudes will change with them. There were actually a fair number of tengu that lived somewhere other than this village in the future I visited."
Hello Purvis:

--- Quote from: Kilgamayan on July 25, 2017, 10:14:12 PM ---> "I suppose it makes little sense to do so now. But Gensokyo will change, grow, and evolve over the years, and attitudes will change with them. There were actually a fair number of tengu that lived somewhere other than this village in the future I visited."

--- End quote ---

>"Completely insane," she says.

> "Anyway, after some uninteresting back-and-forth that included me asking you about how to find Aya Shameimaru, I asked you what advice you would have for your younger self. The question seemed to catch you off-guard, but you said 'probably to stop getting too drunk at parties'. We parted ways after that."
Hello Purvis:

--- Quote from: Kilgamayan on July 25, 2017, 10:29:48 PM ---> "Anyway, after some uninteresting back-and-forth that included me asking you about how to find Aya Shameimaru, I asked you what advice you would have for your younger self. The question seemed to catch you off-guard, but you said 'probably to stop getting too drunk at parties'. We parted ways after that."

--- End quote ---

>She frowns. "Okay, who put you up to that? Because I want to know why they couldn't say it to my face."

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