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Daiyousei Quest - Greater Fairy: Part 35; The End
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> You are Daiyousei, a Fairy Goddess residing mainly near Gensokyo's Misty Lake. Spoiler: You're finally old enough to become president...
> Although you were very timid and shy in the past, you've changed for the better over time. Your once best friend, then ex-best friend Cirno had became your romantic partner, and as did Koakuma, a little devil whom lives in the Scarlet Devil Mansion as an aid to Patchouli. The human-goddess Sanae Kochiya had become one of your close friends, and you look to each other as sisters now, while a fusion of the three Tengu; Shameimaru Aya, Hatate Himekaidou, and Momiji Inubashira; had become another loving partner of yours, or rather, of one of your other selves.

> Along with your godhood, you've become capable of manifesting not just near your home, but seemingly anywhere within Gensokyo, the exceptions seeming to be small places... You no longer require Koakuma or Flandre's magic to assist in helping you be many places at once. With this, you've made healthy relationships with many of the residents of Gensokyo.

> Through a process you yourself invented, dubbed: "Fusion"; you've made your own family, defying the Rules of Nature* that prevent you to do so normally. Even further, you've had a child the normal way, continuing to shatter what's impossible... Your current close family consists of Letty (Cirno and your mother-figure), Shinki (Koakuma and Alice's mother figure(?)), Koa and Cirno (your partners), Belgrade and Lucien, as well as the new addition (Your children), and Yaia (a kitten you saved). You are also accompanied by Ruukoto, Reimu's (now yours) maid created by Yumemi Okazaki.

> You've helped in creating a Fairy Village, near the Moriya Shrine, in which the residents are almost entirely composed of "Good Fairies", fairies whom you've helped understand certain things better. With the Human Village's interest in fairies increasing and word of a book being made in favor of them partially from their perspective, you've practically accomplished your goal of making a difference for fairies in Gensokyo. Though, you'd still like to take care of something with your family before you're satisfied.

--- Quote from: Evil_Nazgul0616 on July 12, 2017, 02:35:47 AM --->Cost of said miracle?

--- End quote ---
> It will cost a fair amount of faith... 10% of your current. You're not sure if you should go for the guaranteed answer, or have someone else help...

--- Quote from: Kilgamayan on July 12, 2017, 02:38:35 AM ---//Miko actually has told us that she created Senkai. It came up the first time we talked to her.


> Prepare and cast a spell that makes it so Reimu's presence in Luna doesn't protect Luna from the effects of the full moon.
> Keep tabs on Luna to see if there are any changes.



> Create three Flan clones, have them pull out their pillows and stuff them into Hatate's chest, and then unmake just the clones.
> Squeeze again.

Hatate (F):

> It feels so good...I need more...


Yuyuko (F):

> Unless she brings Daiyousei along with her and has Daiyousei do the cooking in her place. Then I could go along with her inside her.

--- End quote ---
> You prepare and cast in hope...
> You notice her beginning to grow hair on her body.

> You repeat and give another nice squeeze.
> "Keep on..." Hatate advises. Really good. This was lewd...

> That could work... I'd like to see how Daiyousei does. Yuyuko floats over to Youmu's chest.
> "Huh?" Youmu asks.

--- Quote from: Vampy-chan Lover on July 12, 2017, 02:38:44 AM ---Rumidai-chan:



>"Cats like being pat if you do it gently, and since she is a Nekomata, she should enjoy it too, but you need permission."

--- End quote ---
> You acknowledge Kono's cuteness...

> "Rodger!"
> "Wait, that's not her name."
> "Then what is it?"

--- Quote from: Evil_Nazgul0616 on July 12, 2017, 02:46:29 AM --->Do we recall this?

--- End quote ---
> You believe you were told that it's Miko's world, in a sense.

> Are any other changes happening?
> Listen to Luna's thoughts.



> Let the Hecatia half of ourselves take over hosting Junko.



> How large is Hatate at this point?
> Is Hatate still standing?
> Squeeze again.
> Listen to all three tengu's thoughts.


> Begin squeezing our own chest.



> Watch Yuyuko with curiosity.


> Watch Yuyuko with curiosity.
> (F) Is she actually doing it?
>Do we know where Miko is right now? Is she a part of Luna or is she still a separate entity

>if the latter, manifest a new dai called MikoDai and have her travel to Senkai via cleavage portal.

>"No, Nekomata is the type of youkai she is."


>"I guess you were right Rummy."

> Smile.
> "Yes. I plan to make a world. My own world. I expect it to be made from the thoughtscape."


RinDais and DrillDai 1:

> Look confused at Rin.



> "If we had, like, swimsuits, it would be nice to give it a try."



> "Oh!"
> Greet the person who enters.
> "Welcome to Suzunaan!"



> List magics.
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