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The MotK Fanworks Listing, version 3ish: We Should Probably Do Something
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Iced Fairy:
So be it.  We have gathered our party, and shall now venture forth.

Current adventurers are

1 - Iced Fairy, Fairy Faker
2 - Sakana, Weretuna Bureaucrat
3 - Donut, Pastry Emergency Food Supply
4 - Sect, Tengu Meatshield
5 - Esi, Human Psychic
6 - Joveus, Aesir Chronologist
7 - Chirei, Demon Overlord
8 - Nitendonick, Zombie Console
9 - Purvis, Hobo "I not a class, I am a free man!"
10 - Ammy, Tengu Researcher

I'll put together the lists and mail them out tomorrow.  As a warning, everyone will be getting at least one long fic, with some of you getting a rather sizable works.  I've tried to split them so no one person gets stuck with too much junk though.
Iced Fairy:
So when I said tomorrow I lied.  Mail is out.  Let the summarizing begin.
Iced Fairy:
So things to note for you noobs.

How to categorize a stories status :

--- Quote ---Complete: Exactly what it sounds like. Note that this is different from Ended.
Ended: When the author posts a final update, saying that "I will no longer update this". Valesta's Thought's End is a good example.
Stalled: When the writer says they're taking a break and doesn't come back to the piece for a month or longer. Note that the only thing that separates this from Ended is that they at least state their intent to return. However, if this continues for six months, it goes to Permanent Hiatus.
Incomplete: Fics with a constant rate of updating. Updating at least once a month is enough to receive this designation.
Sporadically Updated: This designation exists because of short story threads, which most writers tend to update whenever the hell they feel like it. (I know I'm like this, and Rou, Benny1, etc tend to show signs of this too.)
Halted: When a fic is forcibly ended because the writer has been banned. Can and should overlap with Permanent Hiatus.
Permanent Hiatus: Should only be given to works that have not updated in six months or longer. It's a politically correct way of saying "this fic is dead". :|
--- End quote ---


Romance/Slice of Life (Indicate Which)
Mystery and Suspense
Collections of Stories
Miscellaneous Stories and Other Works
Hello Purvis:
Tossing this one back on the pile. I am not Dark Souls enough to really commentate on it:   http://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,13429.0.html

Edit: I'll trade with someone. But not a long one. Fuck you if you try to saddle me with another long one. The one long one I got already was horrific and I will never forgive it.
I love dark souls, so I'll take it. You can take one of mine, a Touhoumon story that's only a few replies long.  http://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,14888.0.html
It's really really short, so enjoy.

As a matter of fact, all of mine are really really short. All are a page long, nothing is bigger then that. I should be relieved, but I also feel somewhat disappointed about that. If someone's workload is too much, I'll be willing to take up one of your long ones.
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