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The MotK Fanworks Listing, version 3ish: We Should Probably Do Something
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Iced Fairy:
After compiling the list, we appear to have 119 new works.  Of those four are decently size, and two are my fault.  There's a number of short story threads though, which should be fast.

In addition some stories might turn out to be "here's a fic idea" or "here's a link to my fanfic on mediafire" or "someone should write this fic."  Those will be skipped.  I think I got most of them, but there's probably a few hiding in the list still.
Joveus Molai:

--- Quote from: Iced Fairy on February 03, 2014, 07:55:38 PM ---Current Sacrifices:

--- End quote ---

Books for the books god.

If we don't get enough word-slaves volunteers, I'd be happy to take a bigger workload to make up for the deficit.
I'll sign up too. I have a whole bin filled with arms, so I don't mind losing some for a good cause.

Jokes aside, I'll take the plunge head on. Maybe I've never done it, maybe i'm naive, but it seems like fun.
Hello Purvis:
Ah fuck, why not? Count me in.
In. For posterity!
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