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Absolution of the Requiem
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   So, in a rush of inspiration and sleep deprivation, I decided to turn my eventual danmakufu game into a story. I say eventual because I want to have all elements (music, art, etc.) before I start programming so I don't have to use placeholders. Because that's just annoying and sometimes difficult to fix without spending a LOT of time going over stuff. So, to try and contain my anxiety over whether or not I can rely on people, I decided to make my ideas into a full-fledged story.

   Please note: Some characters are references. Some are directly from Touhou itself. Some are from my imagination (or borrowed from someone else's). Feel free to post questions if confusion arises, and if I deem it so, I shall answer them. Only reason I wouldn't would be if it gave away a major plot element. Oh, and you, the lovely audience, may be called upon to answer a question I may have for you all (pertaining to the story).

   Also, as I type this, I am listening to the only song I have at this point, the menu theme.

   My game is to be known as Touhou Kidonoyami ~ Requiem of Fallen Angel, and this adventure shall take the same name. I modified it in the thread name because this story will focus primarily on one storyline. As of right now, I have the game's story and concepts visualized and/or recorded, all characters chosen (Stage 2 midboss is an exception, it eludes me currently. I might skip it story-wise. Or use one of my current placeholders.) I most likely will not be naming chapters, and there could be frequent digressions, depending on the situation. As for the story that shall be here, I currently have the prologue and a detail about the ending.

   Since there are no visual aids at this time, you will have to use your imagination to see the characters I invented/borrowed and modified, so yeah. Sorry.

   Also, don't be afraid to comment and leave constructive criticism. I would appreciate it.

   Anyway, the prologue is in the next post. Get readin! It's good for you...I think.
an unmatched sock:
   Edit 9/29/13:   After careful consideration, I have decided I did not like much of the prologue. It was my first time writing something like this, and now that I have developed a bit more, I decided that this is the one part of all of my writing thus far I would take back. So, I am hiding it. If you want to read it, go ahead, but otherwise, it's staying hidden. Sorry.

Gathering of Darkness

Spoiler:    All was darkness. But not all was invisible. On a small plot of grass in this void sat a great palace, its towers gleaming like obsidian. Around the palace is shadow and mist, all that naturally exists in this gateway dimension, this Ingress. In fact, the small chunk of terrain looked downright strange in this plane between planes. Within the palace's grand hall, a single, ring-shaped point of light can be seen in the darkness, but it is a hollow light that casts neither glow nor warmth. It remained still, hovering over a tall, slim figure. This figure's back was turned to the entrance, but even without turning she knew what-or rather, who-was approaching.

   A shorter figure dressed all in gray was half-running down the hall, stopping and bowing within a few feet of the figure. The taller one turned her head slightly. "Get up," she commanded, simply acknowledging her.

   The gray-clad one stood back up as soon as she was ordered. "My lady, all preparations are made. We are ready to begin. Should I start shrouding the palace?"

   The taller figure turned back to the end of the hall, towards a massive, reinforced door that could have been part of the wall, as if expecting a response. The very shadows in the room seemed to approve of her secret question. "Good," she said when she finally decided to speak. "Are the residents of this world unsuspecting?"

   "Like the sun before summer rains, mate."

   The tall creature nodded and turned at this news, a slight smile playing across her lips for the first time that she can remember in a long, long time. Her single red eye almost seemed to glow in the shaded room, gazing right at the shorter girl before flicking back to the rest of the room. The gray one shuddered, still uneasy about the other only having one eye, since the white bandage-like patch over her other eye would indicate she used to have two. "Then let us begin." She raised her arms to her sides, her sleeves looking obviously long in comparison. "The unliving...to become living...let darkness see...let it accept my breath of life...and may I retain command over it."

   As she recited this sort of spell, it seemed as though the very shadows were being ripped from the room. The floor, walls, the shorter one's faint shadow, even three from herself. After she mentioned a breath of life, a mist began to pour from her mouth and flow about the room.

   Again, the shorter one felt uneased, but slightly amused (in a weird way) at this. After all, the other's main power was over life, not specifically through her breath. In reality, she just changed her blood's temperature to cool her body...or did she warm it? It was hard to remember. It was no more than a metaphor. She could do this without using her ability anyway, so this was merely for show. The gray one still didn't like it, though. If she can bring things to life...then theoretically she could- no, no...there's nothing to fear. She wouldn't do something so uncouth. Nevertheless, it still sent chills up her spine.

   Despite the mist being a metaphor, as it travelled past the blobs of darkness, it entered them. Their point of entry opened a large eye, revealing that the blobs' shapes were more eye than anything. In fact, they were completely eye. The tall one served as a sort of hive mind to which all of the pieces listened and obeyed. The three that originated from her were larger than the rest, and seemed to be more independent as well. They were distinguishable from the rest due to flower petal-like protrusions from the backs of them, one colored purple, one orange, and the third teal. These were the elite forms of the shadow creatures, just like the hundreds upon hundreds that now permeated the hall. Swiftly, they all turned and formed an orb around the tall figure, swirling at dizzying speeds, leaving small smoky trails behind them. From the orb could be heard a voice:

   "Go, Dark Matter! Rob this world of emotion, and leave naught but suffering in your wake! Cast down all opposition! Let none look to the sky with hope, nor another smile cross their faces! I want to feel the despair wash over this land!"

   At this command, the orb dissipated as the separate orbs left the palace and began circling it. The shorter figure procured two small, glowing wands from seemingly nowhere, and used those with broad sweeping motions like a conductor to generate clouds. These clouds mixed with the Dark Matter, creating pitch-black clouds that effectively obscured the palace from view, looking like a menacing, if not large, black cloud.

   Slowly, the palace began to rise into the air from so many forces trying to lift it at once. As it rose, the mist and darkness of the Ingress faded, and the beings within the palace found themselves greeted by the sun and hill country. The tall figure, now visibly clad primarily in white and red, looked towards the door behind her, and muttered a quick "Thank you" to it. The door didn't respond, but any darkness left in the dim room again seemed to approve. As the mist completely vanished, the sun was shining bright, and there were no other clouds in the sky. Slowly, and very high in the air, the obscured palace began to move forward, as if it were designed to do so.

   As they moved, the tall woman looked outside to take in the scenery. She just grimaced and looked away again. "Tch.They won't even know what they're about to lose...after all, if I can't be happy...

   Why should anyone else be?"

   Upon saying this, a single crimson tear streaked down her eye. She hated that she cried blood. She always has, even since she was alive. But back then, she had two eyes...but even then she wasn't happy...She wiped away her tear with her sleeve, which is enchanted to automatically eliminate bloodstains so that it didn't need to be tediously washed over and over again, since her tears were rather frequent. As she lowered her arm, her strange cape seemed to twitch all on its own.

   "I mustn't think that way. It's too late to stop anyhow, everything's already in motion. We will bring Gensokyo to its knees, one way or another. And when we do..." She closed her eye in pondering, bowing her head slightly. "...then what?"

And now, it is your turn, my lovely reader/s. This story cannot continue until we have who does what. As such, and this is where you come in...I will give you 5 choices. You can choose either one or two people to go on this journey. Note that your choice is limited to only the ones I assign. Your five choices are:

1. Reimu Hakurei - Obviously. What's an incident without Reimu getting simultaneously annoyed and involved?
2. Marisa Kirisame - Again, obviously. Everyone needs a little klepto witch in their stories, right? Maybe? I don't know.
3. Yuyuko Saigyouji - What? Not Youmu? Well, if you want to know, and want to see Yuyuko beat people up, then vote for her.
4. Satori Komeiji* - An Underground youkai above ground? Something must have happened. Creepy mind readers from hell should just stay there...unless they can help.
5. Koishi Komeiji* - This fruitcake? Maybe for laughs, but this is serious busine- Wait, she's already in the roster. Dammit Koishi.

(* means that these two characters cannot be paired. You can do, say, Reimu + Satori or Reimu + Koishi, but no Satori + Koishi.)

   So, you tell me who you want solving this crime disturbance mystery incident, and the story shall continue from that person's/group's perspective. Others may still show up, but after a certain point, it's just the one person / group of two. Remember, you don't have to pick two, you can vote for just one. I also wouldn't mind constructive criticism.

   So, bad things brought to you by horrible people. How will this be resolved? Stay tuned and vote to find out!

   Edit: After some thinking, here's what I decided. Vote for two of the listed characters, and then choose one of the two to be the main character. The secondary will leave the story after a set point. If not specified, then the first character selected will be considered the choice for main protagonist. Everything else still stands.
I vote for Reimu and Satori. At least, that's what the RNG picked for me.

Spoiler: There was a secret here but then the author wanted me to hide it! No peeking! Also, sorry for only editing it now, author.
I vote for Marisa and Koishi... you know, she invited her to her place... and stuff
Forsaken by all:
I could be making a mistake here, but Yuyuko and Koishi sounds like a strangely appealing choice.

... Should I be worried?
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