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RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Summary/Status Update Thread)

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This is where summaries and status updates go so you wouldn't have to sift through the discussion thread to find summaries and updates.

Quote from the discussion thread summary:

--- Quote ---Gensokyo was on the verge of complete destruction. The Hakurei Border was collapsing. Gensokyo's source of spiritual energy, the mana leylines under it, which fuels its existence had suddenly failed for some unknown reason. In an emergency meeting, Yukari met up with Reimu at the Hakurei Shrine a good few hours before the predicted complete collapse of the border. They agreed that there was no chance to save Gensokyo now. There was little time and neither of them knew the reason behind the mana leylines failing. The only option was to escape and bring as many memories of Gensokyo with them as possible. Using Those memories, they may one day restore Gensokyo to its former glory along with everyone in it once they have managed to return its mana supply.

There was one problem. The outside world lacked spiritual power, having advanced and modernized beyond the need for spirituality. The beings of Gensokyo, whether youkai or human, are used to the great abundance of mana and thus their mana expenditure is less efficient and higher than your average outsider. They would quickly run out of mana in the outside world and die long, protracted deaths. It?d be a living hell for them.

Thankfully, there were outsiders within Gensokyo who had befriended certain members of the Gensokyo community. They would be able to ?partner up? with certain refugees and share mana. The mana sharing is proportional the strength of the outsider (physical and mental) and the strength of their relationship and trust and is inversely proportional to the distance between them. (read the notes at the bottom). If they escape together, they may stand a chance at surviving the outside world.

The two set off to prepare a gateway through the Hakurei border through which refugees may escape. After that Yukari sets off to warn as many people as she could while Reimu starts?well?packing with her newfound outsider friend, Mitaka.

The SDM crew, with the three outsiders, Remilia?s friend - the samurai Kojiro, Flandre?s companion - Zei, and the SDM butler and wife to Sakuya - Taihou, finally make it to the shrine after their mansion was completely swallowed by the earth due to the increasingly unstable earth underneath Gensokyo. Around that time, outsider Jeremy Nezu arrives on his own, wondering why Reimu has yet to save Gensokyo. Aya and her outsider companion Sumire soon arrive and reveal that Yukari has yet to spread any news.

Worried, Reimu decides to take on the task of spreading the news with Aya and Sumire?s help. Meanwhile, Mitaka was charged with getting the group to the gateway waiting at the border.

As they journeyed, they met up with outsider martial artist Alex and his girlfriend, Lily Black. Soon, after getting past a treacherous stretch of geyser land, they come across Parsee and her outsider companion, Hiroko, who had both somehow managed to leave the underground world through a geyser.

They soon reach the border gateway. However, a mysterious voice suddenly fills the clearing surrounding the gateway, mocking them for their ?futile? attempts at escaping and telling them that the destruction of Gensokyo was a mere ?by-product? of her hijacking the mana source for her own nefarious ends, a ?grander scheme? according to her. She summons many small shadow creatures and challenges the group to defend the gateway against them. The group stands their ground and valiantly fights. Meanwhile, Reimu, Aya, and Sumire had managed to spread the news and had returned with Yuyuko and her outsider companion Sho, Suwako and her outsider companion Myon and the outsider Demonlord Pichu and his Makai contingent. They too join the fight.

Taihou?s hidden strength finally decimates the shadow army, allowing the party a brief respite. Soon more refugees arrive at the gateway. Together they waited for the collapse of the barrier, when it would be unstable enough for them to pass.

However, the mysterious disembodied voice wasn?t done yet. She returned, and this time she summoned a giant shadow snake. She tells them that she doesn?t plan on letting them leave and reveals that this was a bit of revenge on Reimu. The team once again fights to protect the gateway while Sanae and Reimu tried to keep the gateway open. The team tried many things, including hacking the surrounding forest to create traps, creating diversions, etc. anything to keep the snake occupied to buy time for the evacuation.

Jeremy somehow managed, with Kaguya?s help, to create a replica of Simon?s drill from TTGL, and used it to channel spiral energy into the airship that Nitori, Alice, and Marisa had used to arrive. The airship transforms into a humanoid form and charges at the snake. Further battle ensues, culminating in a final kamikaze charge with the entire party of outsiders onboard the mecha charging for the snake. The collision threw everyone overboard, while the snake and mecha together sailed over Gensokyo.

The rest of the party escapes through the collapsing gateway, leaving Reimu, Mitaka, Marisa, Alice, Ruukoto, and Suika waiting by the gate to keep it open till the last minute for Jeremy?s return and hopefully Yukari?s arrival.

Meanwhile, Jeremy manages to find Yukari, Chen, and Ran in an underground cave where Yukari had been sealed in a box. With the drill?s help, he liberates Yukari, and together they escape. They reach the gateway just in time as the gate was about to collapse, bashing straight into the people waiting by the gate and shoving them through to the other side.

Outsider Mcwallace and his companion, Eirin, manage to reach the portal just before the destruction of Gensokyo.

On the other side, Kojiros had landed near the Suwa lake and had rendezvoused with Remilia. He ended up having to make a contract with Patchouli, Koakuma, Youmu, and Minoriko Aki to save them. Meanwhile, Alex had landed a good deal further away, at the Heavenly Dragon Dojo, right beside the abandoned Saniwa shrine and inn in Karuisuwa.

Meanwhile, Amarillo had successfully escaped on her own from her home in the Forest of Magic with Lily White and had emerged in the outside world in the town of Karuisuwa. They managed to get room and board along with a job in the local Tourist Helpers store.

At the same time, Renko and her friend Sanasan were en-route to the abandoned Hakurei Shrine in the Yatsugatake National Park to make an attempt to reach Gensokyo once more.

The others landed around the old abandoned Hakurei Shrine in the aforementioned national park. Gpop managed to link up with Sanae, Merlin, and Satori and reached the shrine first. Hiroko agreed to enter a contract with Iku before making their way to the shrine. Upon arrival, Mitaka decided to make a contract with Marisa, Alice, Ruukoto, and Suika in order to save them, causing him to collapse due to the shock of the sudden mana depletion. He should have died. However, Gpop finds him and together with Pichu they dragged him into the shrine. Yukari reveals to him as he comes to that his sudden bravery had caused him to develop greatly mentally, and thus his mana supply increased quite abruptly. However, he was still severely weakened.

Everyone else eventually manages to make it to the shrine.

Taihou, meanwhile, manages to form additional contracts with Keine and Mokou. As they made their way up to the shrine, they were attacked by three men in black armour and helmets. Mokou quickly dispatches them at the cost of Taihou?s energy. They quickly make their way to the shrine to warn the others.

Meanwhile, the group at the shrine were discussing things when Taihou arrived. Shocked by the sudden appearance of more enemies, the exhausted group gets to their feet. Jeremy manages to get his internet working in time to reveal that things have changed while they were away. The Prime Minister had a new secretarial aide, Saaya Kikuri, who they suspect is the Kikuri they knew from Makai.

There wasn?t much time for further thought. The agents had found the shrine and attacked with smoke canisters. Satori blasts a hole through the back, having sensed that the opposition didn?t expect them to escape that way. They successfully escape and, using Satori?s powers further, they managed to avoid the search nets combing the hill. After 3 hours of trekking and hiding their tracks, they meet up with ThirtyFour who was trying to get his Challenger II tank moving with Rika?s help. With the help of Jeremy?s dying spiral drill, they get the tank moving again and head for Karuisuwa.

They decided to stay at an abandoned shrine that night, the Saniwa shrine. Kojiro and his team rendezvoused with them after a little confrontation with some agents of their own. They settle down in the shrine, exhausted. Shortly after midnight, they tried to discuss what to do and where to go, but in their exhaustion they failed to reach any conclusions. They finally agreed to rest, recuperate, and discuss things further the day after.
--- End quote ---

Right, what has happened in the last 1 hour?

The girls had discovered the hot springs bathhouse in the abandoned inn. How they got it to work or cleaned up enough to use, I don't know. Male labour, perhaps? The men were asked to gather in the male changing room so that they could continue supplying mana while the girls bathed. A few of the ones still unconscious were dragged out bodily into the changing room from the shrine. Alex and a few of the men decided to try using the male baths.

Amarillo and Lily White arrived at around 7.30, following the spiritual link between Lily White and Lily Black. However, they spot a sniper. Amarillo tells Lily White to send a warning to the others while she takes care of the sniper using mind-trap telepathy, at the cost of a significant proportion of her energy. Aware that she only had mere minutes of consciousness left, she began interrogating the man and found that they had a headquarters nearby. Most importantly, he was alone and nobody knew where he had gone. She also brainwashed him into returning to his HQ and telling his superiors that he had found nothing. This should buy the team some peace and quiet for a while.

Alex arrives on scene with a few of the others. After getting Amarillo to a safer resting place, the team gathers around the sniper for an interrogation session of their own. They gather more details regarding the enemy HQ and the people leading them.

Meanwhile, Sho had managed to find an internet cafe in town with Yuyuko (who had found a food source in town somewhere, judging by her melon and drink). He reveals that they may not have to fully depend on the contracts, as a few mana leylines may still be active in the region. If they could find the nodes of said leylines, the keystones of the Hinanai family, they could easily tap onto a good source of mana. And Sho had a good feeling he knew where the nearest node is...the Saniwa shrine...

Mitaka, meanwhile, had opted to stay behind in the changing rooms, being too weak to move about too much. He met up with the rest of team FUBAR and they chatted before deciding on eating. After breaking open their food stores in the main hall, Sho arrives with news. But before he could share, Saniwa Kyoji, the shrine's owner, arrives.

Saniwa, after hearing their story, decides they were quite decent people, and as he had nothing to lose, decides to have them help him reopen the shrine and inn. He gave them some cash to start but told them they are on their own from then on...though they'd be able to keep any revenue they earn to themselves, which was a huge bonus.

Stuff I will be doing:

- Finding out what this SWAT team is doing, and especially why they're doing it
- Explaining Gensokyo and Touhou to Renko, keeping her with us if at all possible, and trying to find Maribel - if she probably wasn't taken by said SWAT goons
- Finding out what this world's internet has to offer - see if Touhou is known, what sites are available... no posting yet, but I'll be scheming about several ways to abuse it for fun and profit...
- Find ZUN
- Find Yumemi
- Research Kikuri
- Avoid drawing attention
- Some other stuff that isn't worth going in to here

Dropping Nitori, since I mainly wanted a mechanic around and she was a decent fit. :x

I'm planning on separating from the group, and put my weaknesses into action somehow (involving Koishi and Satori especially).

Checklist in Team Tourist:
[!] : Top Mission: Stay Alive
[*] : Semi-Top Mission : Work with friends
[-] : Least Mission : find out exactly what is going on so Spark and Fairy can interfere after Gensokyo had been restored.

- Old Jason is missing [!]

- Find clues on HQ and the mysterious enemy [-]

- Find Gpop and Satori's tram to have Satori unlock Amarillo's other 50% power. (Which will enable her healing magic field and a fairly weak - but useful when needed - Telekinesis) [*]

Demonlord Pichu:
OwlBear's 'To Do' list
-Find out what we can about the SWAT team's reason for involvment is and if this Kikuri is the one who happened to sic them on us.
-Find a better way to sustain Shinki and the other Makai residents in the outsider world. Apparently Magic Circuits are out due to various complications. But this still maybe implemented via different means (or at least a way that combines both Type-Moon and Nippon Ichi elements).

I'll basically follow close behind the main group, but in time when I find a different agenda I'll post it here.


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