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[Music] Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17 (HRtP-style)
« on: February 07, 2020, 01:28:23 AM »
【東方紅魔郷 〜 The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17 (Highly Responsive to Prayers style)
Originally composed by ZUN
Arranged by Silent Sinner in Scarlet (a.k.a. SilSinn9801)

Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17, but it?s secretly 風の神社 Shrine of the Wind.

Nico Nico:

Tools used:
KAJA?s MC.EXE (MS-DOS/98, PMD98 Version 4.8P (1998))
C60?s FMPMD2000 Version 0.31 (PMDWin.dll Version 0.36)
HypS?s FMDSP 0.85b
Neko Project 21 0.83k8/fmgen
VirtualDub2 build 43602 (64-bit)
CyberLink PowerDirector 15 (64-bit)

Touhou Reiiden ? 1996 ZUN Soft/Amusement Makers
Touhou Koumakyou ? 2002 Team Shanghai Alice