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[TGTA 1.7.0-J] Touhou GTA SA Vmod 1.7.0 (Jeepy's Edit 1.0)
« on: December 09, 2019, 07:06:29 AM »
Hey everyone. Here's something I've been working on for the past few months. It took way longer than I expected, but I earned some new experience with 3D modeling and modding, and the quality of the mod came out much better in the end, I think.
My edit/version J of Touhou GTA SA (TGTAJ) uses CodeFox's edit of DX7_EP's TGTA VMod (which in turn is based on Squidtentacle's Touhou GTA mod) as a base, so many thanks goes to everyone involved with the previous versions of TGTA mods.
I wanted to make my custom TGTA version for the longest time, as I didn't like some of the changes made in the previous versions of the mod, and since there is a lot more character models to choose from now (also many thanks goes to the people making Touhou character models).
I hope you'll enjoy my version of TGTA. Have fun!

Main features:
-Changed the title screen.
-Changed most of the load screens.
-Added and changed many character and ped models (too many to list, but my version of the mod has pretty much everyone from HRtP to WBaWC, with few exceptions that have no models - mostly manga extras and such).
-Replaced most of the story characters to my liking. You're supposed to play as Kotohime (she is my favorite Touhou character who I find to be criminally underrated, and she fits as the main character perfectly), but there are about 150 character skins available for you to quickly choose from by holding Tab and scrolling the mouse wheel (the cutscenes won't be affected by your choice, though). You can also view and select ped models in SkinSelector by holding Tab+Q+E (some character models can be selected only from this menu).
-Replaced jetpack & Hydra. Reskinned Rhino & navy/army base SAM sites.
-Replaced some other vehicles (Mountain Bike, NRG-500, BF-400, Raindance, Cargobob, Leviathan, Hunter).
-Loco Low Co. and Wheel Arch Angels paintjobs have been modified. Also, reskinned Michelle's Monster.
-Changed most of the billboard textures.
-Changed graffiti textures.
-Changed some cutscene and interior textures (mostly story-related photos, Madd Dogg's crib and the sex shop).
-Changed most of ambience and minigame BGM. More info can be found in 170J_readme.txt ("BGM changes (SPOILER ALERT)" section).
-Changed/fixed some weapons and fixed weapon icons.
-Changed some pickups - money, health, armor, horseshoes. Restored vanilla bribes.
-Added some easter eggs to Flower and Furniture delivery Benson trucks.
-This TGTA mod uses Desert Sheriff Fix by flashTrash & Philips_27, and Unused Pedestrians Restored by CoolMods to add some unused peds on the streets and increase the ped and police variety.

First, I recommend following CodeFox's instructions on GTA SA version downgrading and installing Essential Modifications. Prepare a clean install of GTA SA and refer to the installation instructions in TGTA_README.txt (download the latest SA Downgrader here).
After you're done with that, extract the contents of the TGTA-170J archive into the folder with the downgraded game and replace any files when asked. My version also has WinMode script installed, which might come in handy (press Alt+Enter for windowed mode and adjust the resoulution in advanced display setup options).
Run gta_sa.exe and play the game! You can quickly change the player skin by holding Tab and scrolling the mouse wheel.

For more information (installation instructions, Spellcard commands, known bugs, new music and such), see 170J_readme.txt and TGTA_README.txt.

Download (Google Drive)

Download (Mega)

Release Trailer

In-game screenshots

Take it easy and follow the damn train!
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