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New official manga! 「東方酔蝶華 ~ ロータスイーター達の酔醒 Drunkening and Sobering Lotus Eaters」
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From the latest November issue of Comp Ace, alongside VFiS chapter 15;

東方酔蝶華 ~ ロータスイーター達の酔醒
(Eastern Drunk Butterfly Flower)

...Drawn by the newly-recruited Touhou doujinshi longrunner Mizutaki, who provided additional illustrations for Forbidden Scrollery omakes.

(Original source with scan from Touhou Wiki, also thanks warosu anons for extra tls)
Hello all!
A new manga has been announced. Name: Touhou Suichouka ~ Lotus Eater-tachi no Suisei (東方酔蝶華 ロータスイーターたちの酔醒 / Touhou Drunken Butterfly Flower ~ Lotus Eaters? Sobering). It has been announced at the end of the last chapter of VFiS released Sept. 26 in Japan.

The current source is a Japanese user taking a pic of the paper version of Comp Ace (broke Street Date). Here: https://twitter.com/ginger_toho/status/1176805133847429120

↑ Image from twitter, if you can't see. Click to enlarge.

The artist will be "Mizutaki" who has done lot of touhou doujin; including some that appeared in Strange Creators.

I'm hyped!
Merged threads since multiple people posted about this news o/
sorry pestering you and purvis, kilga, OTL

One interesting thing that I primarily thought of thanks to other TL people on Warosu and the Touhou Wiki (GenoCraft, Nazohato, etc.) is just what sort of focus the story might have thanks to the characters used in the title.

Suika is the most obviously-teased character for this manga; that is very clearly her wristband and gourd in the right panel looking all ominous, and 酔華 (sui ka) is right there in the title, and all the uses of terms relating to drunkeness also being a lead factor helps.

It should be noted that "Lotus-Eaters" (hyphen included) were actual people in Greek mythology that, given the description of living in a sort of narcotic tranquility thanks to the literal influence of lotus plants, may be a parallel to Touhou's Heaven, given the constantly-indulgent "song-and-dance" lifestyle that is lead by the Celestials, as described by Suika in SWR, especially when one considers the meaning/uses of lotus flowers in Buddhism.

Maybe I may just be pulling at straws for now and Gilde or Clarste or Nietz or whomever can explain in more concise ways what we are looking at, but it seems like this story could go anywhere from what I can see.
There is no release date, the "november issue" is actually the one that came out yesterday. You know, just be clear so that people don't except anything in two months.
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