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Your own Touhou pre-battle quotes
Recently I ended up watching some Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat 11 videos and I really liked the snappy pre-battle banther. So I thought, why not try to come up with something in the same style but for our favourite girls?

So yeah, feel free to try your hand at it as well. The rules are that it's just three lines of back-and-forth and the two should try to insult each other enough to justify a fight. Try to keep it funny and character-relevant though. Other than that, feel free to clash any pair you can imagine!

Here are a few to start off with:

Kaguya: Try to stop setting the forest on fire. It makes everyone worried, you know.
Mokou: Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot bamboo is your mother.
Kaguya: That does it! Collecting your pieces will become my next impossible request!

Utsuho: You again. This time I'll evaporate you for real!
Cirno: Ha! I'll freeze the heat before it reaches me!
Utsuho: Sheesh, even I'm smart enough to know that's not how it works.
Lt Colonel Summers:
Looks fun. Here's mine:

Junko: "Bring me CHANG'E!"
Reisen: "She's not here. You've come to the wrong place."
Junko: "I don't care! Bring me to her!"
Reisen: *to self* "Is there even a single second where she isn't thinking about Chang'E?"
R. P. Genocraft:
Can't think of any interesting mashup, but if someone makes one involving Nitori...

"You utter fool! Kappa science is the finest in the world!"

...I'm sorry.
(Forgive the bad puns and wordplay.)

Reimu: "You are testing the boundaries of my patience Yukari..."
Yukari: "My, my, why don't I manipulate them instead?"
Reimu: "There really is gaps in your understanding..."

Patchouli: "Enough of your thievery, your sense of ethics is making the philosophers weep..."
Marisa: "Fine then, I'll apologize to your little stone, ze."
Patchouli: "That does it, you're going to learn the very elements of ethics right here and now."

Sakuya: "No wonder it failed, it wasn't done by someone like me."
Nitori: "You utter fool! Kappa science is the finest in the world!"
Sakuya: "Want to bet? It sure seems like a waste of time."
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