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Thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to discussing new chapters of the manga as they come out. I thought the latest chapter (chapter 10) in particular was especially interesting so I feel like we could have some interesting discussion. Any thoughts?
Hidden Star in Four Seasons 2 is looking pretty great so far!

Heh, jokes aside, I've really enjoyed the cameos in this episode.  There's been a ton of them compared to previous chapters, I'm impressed.
Suspicious person:
Personally, I'm just glad that the manga became monthly. I was kinda worried that it'd take 6 month for the last story (chapter 9) to fully develop, especially with the coming back of the FS formula where we get a setup in a first chapter and a resolution in a second one.

Anyway, I feel like the latest chapter (chapter 10 9.5 or 9 part 2, whatever ...) brought a number of clarification and some new stuff (but nothing TOO important), particularly regarding the fact that Spoiler: the true nature of Clownpiece's madness inducing power is essentially her messing with other people's lifeforces, consistent with fairies' lifeforce powers ; and the fact that Larva somehow got hold of some of the unusual lifeforce from HSiFS and is pretty good at actively making use of it, unlike some people ; and the fact that giant butterfly wings apparently double as a coat ; and the fact that Eternity seems to have both a sense of reserve and actual common sense (omg Piece you *don't* start trouble around the police ; all in all a pretty ordinary chapter : nothing too major happened, some new-but-not-groundbreaking revelations were given. Maybe the thing that you could consider to be somewhat "major" that happened in this chapter is Spoiler: Clownpiece meeting Eternity : what new horizons does that opens, particularly in regards to the possible mischiefs or games that could be done in the future ? Or stuff happening in general, idk.

There doesn't seem to be some sort of supper hidden secret implication in this chapter (chapter 10) that already weren't in the previous chapters imo. Compared to other touhou stuff like SSiB or WaHH, this seems to be a pretty transparent and self explanatory Touhou manga. So, all in all, uh, not much to say that hasn't already been said in the manga  :X

Anyway, on a side note, while it has already been fairly obvious, this chapter makes it even more evident that lifeforce is gonna be the central theme for this manga series. This makes me wonder if we'll get Narumi and / or Okina in the future to give an expert perspective on lifeforce, or at least to give some manner of demonstration of their ability towards it.

Also is it me or the three fairies are getting their manga hijacked from them
Yeah I like that this manga in particular has the much stronger theme of lifeforce being under the fairies' control, compared to the previous iterations of the three fairies' manga. I dunno why it took until this chapter to realize it but in retrospect it's really obvious from previous chapters, with the Hanasaka Jii-san chapter and the Tanabata chapter and fairies doing some crazy things.

I think the reveal this chapter also recontextualizes Hecatia having Clownpiece stay in Gensokyo. At first it seemed to be going for Piece being an outsider that doesn't really fit in (having this weird power of making people go mad and being generally un-fairy-like) with the story eventually having her fit in, but now we know that her power is something that's extremely fairy-like when used in the right way (which really puts her in the running for, dare I say it, the strongest fairy). So it could turn into less of an "outsider finding her place in Gensokyo" story and more of a "going back to her fairy roots" story?

^ also that's a good point about Narumi and/or Okina showing up, I never actually considered that they could show up in this manga but they'd definitely fall right into place thematically. Makes me excited for future chapters more than I've ever been for the previous fairy mangas.

It also makes me wonder if ZUN planned all this out in advance or if he's just making it up as he goes along, and either way it's pretty impressive how well everything ended up being tied together.
Fairies controlling lifeforce is pretty much spelled out in narration in chapter 3.
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