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※How to make Touhou derived work - Doujin & ZUN's Touhou guidelines
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If they're arrangements of existing Touhou music, then it should be fine as long as they're free. If they're simply Touhou-styled but not based on anything from ZUN's compositions, you can do whatever you want with them.
>Make an animation (Be it an MMD, Sprite based or a different style
>Put it on YT
>Apply monetization to said video

I did read the post but seems to be more focused on things like comics, merch and games, reading it on the wiki didn't help much either. (probably because i'm not properly comprehending it?)

Something that's going to be frowned upon or just flat out copyright infringement (breaking guidelines?)

Still going to do 2hu stuff regardless of the answer since i just want to do animation (don't have anything at the moment because i'm just lazy)
Monetizing videos of Touhou works has been allowed for a little while, but monetizing videos using materials and content from other creators is infringement unless you're given license to do so. If you're using existing MMD models and motions, or existing sprites, etc, it would be infringement to monetize those without permission from the respective creators.
The permission bit was obvious and pretty easy, but licencing is new to me.

What about Tasfro's touhou character sprites (IaMP - AoCF?) if i do need perms/licencing where do i contact them (or they just don't allow it at all?)
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