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Considering this is the Touhou Addict Recovery Board, I'm amazed there's no thread for one of the Tetris Effect symptoms: Dreams.

I'm sure if you've played enough, or stared at this forum enough, you've had some sort of dream about Gensokyo. Or maybe just about playing Touhou/Bullet Hells.

You've probably never posted them here. I invite you to post any such dreams into this thread. I'm no psychologist, just interested.  I've had 2 dreams about Gensokyo, and 1 that looked like it was going down that path. All 3 are described in detail on this board's "You know you're addicted to Touhou when..." thread.

so, if you have a dream about Gensokyo or Touhou/Bullet Hells make an appearance, post it here when you wake up.
If you have a dream from your past that you remember, post it here too

Dream 1 abour Gensokyo:
Not sure what caused this, but I had a lucid dream about. Gensokyo last night. It started with me sitting at my computer, playing a game. Then, I remember becoming the in game character, and falling through a warp. My perspective shifted to the computer, and I saw a bunch of space invaders on a wall. Then, my perspective shifted again to the world, and Suika Ibuki said to me: "Bet you've never seen graphics like this!" It was like a VR system! It looked just like, well, reality. My perspective seemed to keep jumping between the computer as I went through 20 chapters, doing tasks with my gamepad including:
Sonic CD-esque nature saving
Danmaku battles
Getting back the Hakurei Shrine's tea from a bunch of weird characters
And quite a few more which I don't remember.
 And my character whenever I had some time that I could chill and ask Suika or Reimu questions. Even about non-canon, they answered questions. Take Touhou Mother, for instance. I asked about Pokey, and I got rewarded with a cold shoulder for 2 in-game hours! I'd also, weirdly, see what would be a cutscene in gaming from my character's point of view.

Dream 2 about Gensokyo

So it started off with my house. Some... events... happened, most of which are not going to be related here. Then, the setting does a jump cut to the SDM. Apparently, my subconscious really decided to implement Yukari's thought: "Note to self: find a way to bring the internet to Gensokyo." in Imperishable Metamorphosis. Because there was a computer in the place. Now the odd thing is, the house kept going from my house to the SDM, and the person who was appearing was switching between my mom and Remilia. Anyway, i'd gone to the basement in my house after a brief conversation with mom/Remilia, when the scene jump cut to the SDM's basement. I knew enough to get the hell out of the basement, but i heard Sakuya and Patchouli talking. Something about "the figures can go down to an inch, and if my calculations are correct, up to 7,463 inches, thus causing a lot of damage with a stilleto heel."(when i think about it, i put the blame for this part on Suika from IM) I walked up to them, and bluntly asked how that worked. My subconscious is really screwed up, because Sakuya said something along the lines of: "The mistress is having a feast to demonstrate these figures later. Join us then." I'd fired back something that if i was REALLY in Gensokyo, and the SDM, would have been a knifing offense for certain: "Oh, no. Believe me, i know enough not to push through a crowd. Especially if FLANDRE's around." I'd said Flandre's name with extreme... Well, the tone wasn't pretty. Scene jump cut to my basement again, with mom coming down and saying: "It's very late." I whined a bit. "Cmon, mom. I just was up reading." "You can read the book on the table, and nothing else. So i picked up the book, and it was called: "700 words to use when you're angry." Then, the scene jump cut again as soon as i opened it, and the book turned into one of Patchy's grimoires. Which was a jerk and cursed me. How so? My steam notifications suddenly appeared in the corner of my vision. And they stayed there. (Yeah, way to really confuse me. I guess it installed Vista into my brain, or something) So this time, I naturally assumed that i was still in the SDM, but instead, i got decked by Reimu, since it jump cut to the Hakurei Shrine. She simply punched me, though. Now, she had a computer, too. (How? No clue.) I wake up to find her talking to Mima. And i'm tied to a chair. "...Simply cannot deal with this right now!" The camera left my point of view at this point. It moved over to two unnamed youkai. "I hear that the reason we haven't seen much of any big names is because they're... Gaming. What is gaming anyway?" "You got me there. Rumors say that if you ever get into a match with a username of Lavaetaein, unplug your computer immediately, or the last thing you'll hear is "Kyuu" before you're standing in Komachi's boat." "dude, you actually believe those?" "Considering the spate of mysterious disappearances, yeah, i kinda do."

Dream kinda cut off here.

Touhou dream (not featuring Gensokyo)
It started off at night, with me in a room with a couple of people, holding a controller. Funny thing is, it was like a race. Split-screen, both of us trash-talking the other. And it was a bullet hell! We were each trying to get to the end of it first. I was doing downright awful at it, though. Constantly taking hits, whining and complaining. Stupid thing is, I know that pattern. The boss, I never saw. But its patterns were those of Golden Disaster from Dodonpachi Resurrection. Somewhere along the way, my dream, and the game, shifted. I was using a keyboard, and exited out of something. Steam was displaying: "Touhou: That Lazy Shrine Maiden 32% complete" (yeah, Touhou game on Steam. Weird, right?) So I opened up my browser. In one tab, I had searched Google for "Kid Icarus meme'd"
There was actually search results for those:

Some YouTube video

Akyu's Arcade thread

Kid Icarus's Wikipedia entry.

 In another, this forum was open. I checked personal messages, and I had one new message.

      No image found         Subject: Touhou 16.5: Rage of Desire

                                          Sender: (this field was blank)
      Cybeast, we miss you. Come back to the party!

Now the weird thing is, I saw a picture of a door. But I think i got a little too excited about a new Touhou game. Because at this point, I woke up. Which frustrates me, because if this went down the path it seems to be heading toward, it'd have been a dream about Gensokyo. Oh well...
(funny thing is, this wasn't long before ZUN announced 13.5...)

Well, there was a thread about it, but it has been locked due to inactivity (it's still in page 2, though).

I remember having a dream where I was dodging Alice's Last Word, but with more of a first-person view than usual game display (as if I were the character doing this). Weird part is that I haven't even unlocked said spell in game, so I have no idea where this comes from  :V

Btw, I'm always amazed by how well people are able to remember their own dreams...wish I could do that (at least more often than once in a blue moon), it's frustrating to feel there was something interesting which I can never recall.
I rarely remembers any dreams, but this one struck me as very odd.

I'm stuck in a huge white dimension... Nothing nowhere.

Then I see Yukari in the distance. She floats toward me slowly and then points me. A huge triangle made of colorful arrow-head bullets is pointed at me.

It slowly travels toward me... Slowly... then it hits me and I wake up with a scream and violent spasms. I think I should have used a continue.
I know that feel, Ikari. I can never remember my dreams.

However, I do remember a flying dream I had once. Just flying over Gensokyo. No bullets, not even any characters. Just flying.

--- Quote from: Yatakarasu on November 18, 2012, 09:05:34 PM ---However, I do remember a flying dream I had once. Just flying over Gensokyo. No bullets, not even any characters. Just flying.

--- End quote ---

This is the kind of dream I wish I'd have. Instead of that stupid rainbow triangle...
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