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The player I made for my Bullet Hell Artistry contest entry, Eleburstyr, is now available at Bulletforge.

Features four elemental shots, with a forwards focus, wide spread, pseudo-homing, and forwards burst shot. Most have backwards firing capabilities.

Note that the bomb does no damage and that the player is not that great at certain types of bosses. Not tested on stages.
Tutorials are now being written once more thanks to some prodding by people in the Bullet Hell Engines server.

Extra Lesson 5: Circular Lifebar is now complete, providing a circular lifebar. In addition, Lesson 30 on 3D sprites and 3D backgrounds is under construction and should be complete relatively soon. Hopefully everything up to the player script tutorial will be completed in a timely manner by the end of this month.
After a few days of devoting my heart and soul to Danmakufu's camera, joyfully located by default at (341.506348, 353.553375, 91.506348) due to Danmakufu's wonderful Elevation and Azimuth angle defaults, I am pleased to announce the completion of two new tutorials.

First, the long and messy one - Introduction to 3D Sprites and 3D Backgrounds. This one covers 3D sprites, Danmakufu's coordinate system, the 3D camera's defaults and functions, and showcases the development of two sample 3D backgrounds in Danmakufu ph3. It contains SVG visualizations, two Danmakanvas examples for showcasing weird math, and Yukkuris.

Second, the short and unfortunate one - Utilizing the Log Window and Debug Functions. The fact that this tutorial is so short is reflective of Danmakufu's rather... lacking built-in capabilities for debugging.

Both of these are new tutorials and may have errors. They may undergo changes and upgrades over the coming days and weeks, so please be aware that the contents may not be final.

If there are any bugs, please let me know on Discord by PM'ing me, @mentioning me in LOCAA/F&C/BHE/Bulletforge, or posting a bug report/discussion in my Discord server.
These have been out for a few days and nobody has complained yet, so here they are:

First, Virtual Keys and Input Tutorial in Danmakufu!

Second, using this tutorial as a base, Dialogue Systems in Danmakufu!

Now everyone can have a basic 0.12m style dialogue event system :3

As always, these tutorials are new and may have problems. Please let me know if there are any by PM'img, me @mentioning me in LOCAA/F&C/BHE/Bulletforge Discord servers, or by posting a bug report/discussion in my Discord server.
I guess it's time to formally announce my Danmaku Design guides!

Find them here

These guides are intended to cover danmaku design from a higher perspective and provide insight into designing good patterns. Note that the content here is naturally subjective.

The guides are, like my ph3 tutorials, a work in progress. Currently there aren't many but I will eventually make progress on them. Note that they are not bound to any language or framework in particular, though the most natural audience will be from the Danmakufu community.
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