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Bias Bus:
Why would I be scared. No one will read what I write anyway :V
Aya Squawkermaru:
This fear is part of the reason why my fic only has one update. That, and insane procrastination. :V

But yeah, I think it's perfectly normal. As previously mentioned, you're putting part of yourself out there whenever you write, you know? It's like acting. If you do method acting, you pretty much fuel everything you do with your own experiences and emotions. At the end of it, a good actor is emotionally exhausted from all that. Writing is very much the same thing. Singing, as well. I believe dancing is, as well, but I haven't danced in awhile so I'm not so sure on that one. Part of the arts is just putting yourself into every creation; I think that's part of the beauty in art. [/rant]

--- Quote from: Touji Suwagata on October 20, 2011, 09:55:51 PM ---Why would I be scared. No one will read what I write anyway :V

--- End quote ---

That's what you think BV

--- Quote ---So I go back and edit it. The previous version isn't a flawed product. It's a special edition.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---I'm pretty sure nobody actually reads Xenophilia and Thanatophobia
--- End quote ---

I have, and I have been consistently ripping off the two of these thematically. I don't know whether to be ashamed or embarrassed. Thank goodness for a) the non-profit nature of this and b) being even less read than you.

--- Quote ---Am I alone in this? Anyone else have experience with the fear that comes with exposing a part of yourself to the world?
--- End quote ---
This is why I only gave my e-mail address and timezone when signing up. Though I must admit, I do experience fits of intellectual exhibitionism. Chalk it up to insanity. If I ever publish, I'm going to do so under a pseudonym, if that is a proper answer.
Of course. However, we're on a message board, with very few methods of having anything we say or do traced back to us.
Mr. Sacchi:
I normally just write for myself, I don't care what other people think, and when I write, I write thinking "Nobody will ever read this but me", even though I know it's not true, it helps me not think about other people's ideas, I don't care if my latest fanfiction was utter crap, if I liked it, that's all that matters.

I don't feel "exposed" when writing fanfictions, which is most surprising considering the Main Chraracter is my OC and such OC is literally my avatar in the story, what he says tends to reflect a lot about me, when he is on scene, I don't think what he would do, I think "What would I do if I was in this situation?", his lines come naturally, which is one of the reasons my very few readers in another forum like me so much, they think my OC, while overpowered, is a very creative and likeable character, considering he's calm, collected, sarcastic and almost always has a smile on his face, I find this hard not to like... Until he starting acting like a douche, but that's another point.

@Other News

If anyone's interested in the story I mentioned last thread: I wanted to finish it by saturday, but I'm afraid chances say that won't happen, it's not something major anyway, just something to help me with fighting scenes... And to address a chracter I kinda forgot about after so long in the story BV.

But yeah, if you're interested, don't lose your sleep over it, I'm serious.

Also, anybody got any tips on how to make a swordswoman who fights with her sword sheathed fight? I'm serious.
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