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The MotK Fanworks Listing, version 3ish: We Should Probably Do Something

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Iced Fairy:
So apparently if you leave the books here unsummarized for to long, they animate and start flying around and biting people who don't pay their library fees.  The general amusement caused by this event caused us to delay starting the summarizing binge, but they've started forming flocks and practicing group tactics, so we've decided it would be best if we just sat down and updated the list.

And by we I mean you all.  :derp:

The MotK Fanworks Listing, version 3ish: We Should Probably Do Something

Convincing Ruro to placate the books took some doing.

The Perspective
About four years ago, the Librarians decided that the fanworks section needed some serious tidying up-- a listing of works, with summaries and genres attached, to stir up interest in reading from people who would otherwise read, but didn't have time to sort through the mess. That project came to fruition as the PSL Library Catalogue, which stands proud to this day.

Unfortunately having three or four people try to keep track of what's been summarized and what hasn't became impossible.  Add in the work we did to make the list easier to search, and the task became beyond the greatest rabbit's skills.  And so we had a massive undertaking to sort ALL the unsummarized works.

The task was a great success, revitalizing the list and giving a great resource for future runs... and then we never did it again.  Oops!

Well the time to fix that is now.  We're going to grab our plasma rifles and towels and head down into the depths of the library to categorize the strange and terrifying fiction that has arisen since last time.  Our last expedition had only a 20% fatality rate, and we returned with 60% of the arms we started with, so there shouldn't be any real worries

We will take any volunteers that want to help out; old regulars as well as new people are all invited to take part. We are hoping for a few volunteers, but no more than ten, since that makes work distribution terribly unwieldy and because our local fairies only have ten fingers.

So for those who would like to help, please post here or PM me or Sakana. After we get ourselves more organized, the work that needs to be done will get organized into preliminary lists and sent to the volunteers, who will then send back summaries in the style of the current listing. Or, like this:

--- Code: ---[b]Name: [url=web address of the fic goes here]title of fic goes here[/url][/b]
[b]Author:[/b] author goes here
[b]Status:[/b] is it ongoing, on hiatus, or what?
[b]Genre:[/b] Primary genre, ##secondary genre-- use your best judgment on this
[b]Summary:[/b] Summary goes here
--- End code ---

Currently we have as main genres Action, Adventure, Drama (includes Tragedy), Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy, Parody, Crossover, Mystery and Suspense, Poetry, Short Story Collections, and Miscellaneous and Other. Try to use those main genres as the primary genres, if you can.

It's time to make your mark on literary history.  I promise it's totally worth the chance of having your brains eaten by an angry thesaurus.

Time to step on up, to the plaaaaate. 'cuz this ain't no gaaame. It's time to make history yeaaaaaaaaah.

Er uh, I mean, I'm on board for this again! o>

You have my pen!

Dead Princess Sakana:
I'll take on a few myself, no promises how much I can fit into my schedule though, got a moving to plan after all!

I should probably do something to retain my Librarian title, shouldn't I? I'll try my best to take on some assignments. It'll give me an excuse to read more of the recent worka; I've kind of been away from the PSL for a while.


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