Author Topic: Ultimte Knight Windom XP (SP3) - 3D Mech battle game  (Read 4246 times)


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Ultimte Knight Windom XP (SP3) - 3D Mech battle game
« on: February 19, 2010, 06:32:37 PM »
A nice, simple game to enjoy by yourself or with your friends to kill some time for a little fun.

You pilot around a giant mecha, complimented by equally massive armaments to fight others much like yourself who would challenge you. The battles occur in a 3D space allowing for the fighting to occur and be affected by all 3 directions. You fly across the battlefield attempting to destroy your opponents as they do the same. Block their attacks with your shield to get in a counter attack or dash off to the side to get a better shot at them. Close the distance and engage in melee, slashing at your foe to knock them to the earth.

The game is rather fun and simplistic, but not broken. Any mecha can take out any other if played properly and those with weaker armor and attacks get more respawns to a match than those with more to balance out the power. The game doesn't take up much space at all, coming to around 300mb with the power up kit expansion and fully patched. Hosting a server to play multiplayer with your friends is relatively simple and can be done using hamachi if you cannot open the ports needed to host otherwise.

Combat is easy to get the hang of and can be played with both keyboard and gamepad, though gamepad is preferrable (I use a PS2 controller myself). You have a basic ranged attack, a basic melee attack that can be modified from the direction you press on the d-pad or arrow keys to move around to your opponents' side, charge foreward at them, do a long combination from the default position, or stick in place with down. There are 3 special attacks that each mecha has and all do different things from firing a massive laser attack to catching your enemy in a melee special to launching ICBMs over the battlefield. All of the controls can easily be changed in the game configuration that comes up at start up.

Ultimate Knight Windom XP with the Power Up Kit expansion has 22 mechs with 9 different stages to fight on ranging from a magical floating island, to the moon, to your local city. It's all in Japanese but it's pretty easy to figure out what everything means. You can modify and make your own pilot profiles to be displyed when fighting your enemies and can easily change the bgm by adding in your own to the game if you wish.

Here's a nice little video to show what the game looks like: