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No, in general, the crowd was quite well behaved (which was impressive because there were a lot of people).  There were a few meme shouts here and there, but that's expected and we were cool with that.  But yeah, if some people were planning on trolling the panel, they didn't in the end.
I felt that the panel went extremely well - better than many similar panels for other series tend to go (*cough* Megaten).  You did an excellent job of covering each game in turn (your "Are you a bad enough Miko to...?" lines were classic, and probably need to be made into an LJ icon...), without getting dragged down into unnecessary detail.  It was enough to whet the appetite of those who hadn't played the particular game (or any of the games) without dumbing it down to the point that the "old sweats" got bored.

Gameplay demos were well-chosen.  Possible though for next time: have a non-frightening one running in the background (say, a Normal-level runthrough of IN or PCB) before the panel starts, as a sort of introduction.

Mic issues weren't too terribly awful (I think it was only the one mic that was down?), and computer display issues...they happen.

Also: love the handout CD.  Mine is making the rounds around my cosplay group at the moment. I think I've inadvertently created a number of new addicts with your help...

- Ran.
You stole our Demo CD idea?

I meant that I'm passing around the one I got at the panel. :-[
No, I meant Benny.
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