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As some of you may or may not know, IDLE, [RoXas], and I ran a Touhou panel this last Friday at Anime Central.  I know this is a bit after the fact, but if any of you guys were there, what did you think about it?  I know a few of you were, at least.  I want to get feedback as the three of us are considering running this at a few other cons nearby, and almost certainly next year (if I can get down here from Michigan, it's an 8 hour drive, which is a bit much for an anime convention that really isn't that good.

Anyways, if you were there, let me know what you thought.  If you weren't there, lament how tragic it was that you weren't able to watch me play Highly Responsive to Prayers.  And if the Ran cosplayer is here, I know how to chain.  And I know how to chain very well, but ideally you don't chain when you are trying to run the timer down.  I have ears everywhere.  Don't badmouth me >=(

I think I gave you my feedback already, but for the sake of documentation:

I thought it went rather well; considering the crowd that you guys drew in, I'm a bit surprised by how it didn't train wreck into a mess of shouting memes (although it did happen a bit, it certainly wasn't Otacon). While the sound/mike could have been a bit louder, it was pretty easy to hear. The gameplay demos were a great addition (HRtP was fun to watch), and the little giveaway was a pleasant surprise.

BTW, Ran said he'd show up, but I haven't caught word of him yet.
I enjoyed it, and I didn't expect a crowd that big. To make the panel better I would say take more about the characters personalities. That was you can see that this isn't just another pc game. It has characters you can relate to in daily life. That's one of the reasons I like touhou. I second about the mike. Maybe show some fan art that you think is good. I think it was awesome that I got to see you in real life.     
Hey. Was the (day 1) Rinnosuke. Popping in partially due to obligation, but I guess I'll throw my two cents in.

Positive side is, it was a lot better than the legendarily bad Otakon Panel of last year. I think you had the right idea of going over each game a little bit and such. Though the projector problems were a bit troublesome, it's evident you guys at least tried. I think something to note though is to try focusing equally on the major fan/doujin aspects of Touhou (i.e. Yukkuris, Maikaze Anime, IOSYS, Walfas :3), or at least the ones you guys think might have lead some people to Touhou. I know it makes ZUN sad when people get into Touhou without having played the original games, but whatever, it's a con panel :b

Anyway, yeah~
I had heard .... rumours ... that there was going to be heckling, booing, snarky questions and general boorish behavior directed at the panel. Did any of that happen?
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