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RaNGE Contest #21: Beast-expelling Geometric Creatures

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The contest ends in less than a week. Be sure to get your entries in!


Posting this on behalf of Bagoum since they seem unable to register for an account here.


Not sure if the 3rd spell really counts for the contest but here's hoping. I gave myself very little time to do this but I think it overall turned out alright. I hope you will enjoy.

(Also I'm bad at optimization and my abuse of cos sin functions will probably cause lag, I apologize in advance, especially for 3rd spell).

JDude :3:

Posting this on behalf of Lusus since their post needs to be approved by a moderator.


For Foxigami since they can't register either. If any more people can't register I'll just edit this post so be sure to check it after the deadline @Sparen.

Also, since the deadline is admittedly awkward, I'll extend the time for changes and submissions to 4 hours from this edit (midnight my time).


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