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東方宝天京 ~ Treasure Castle Labyrinth. (STG ver)

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Hello maidens, or whatever y'all call yourselves on here. Happy Halloween.
This is Naudiz of DOGSDAY, and you guys are in for a treat. No tricks here, I swear!

Without further ado, I proudly present...
[attachimg=1 align=center]
東方宝天京 ~ Treasure Castle Labyrinth. (STG ver)
This is Touhou Houtenkyou (Eastern Treasure Heaven Capital) ~ Treasure Castle Labyrinth... the game!
This is the real deal, alright. Check out the PV here.
Chances are that you know Treasure Castle Labyrinth as a music album from 2014, but its concept has existed for a long 13 years.
And now, D.Byte of Reverie Promenade is cooperating with DOGSDAY to turn it into a fully-fledged shooting game!
The first trial of the game is out now! Click here!

Now, shall we enter the labyrinth?

Plot Summary

--- Quote ---A strange rumor had very recently spread throughout Gensokyo.

"I found a place where you can get tons of treasure!"
"I went in to look for treasure, but I started seein' things, and I lost all my valuables."
"If you enter that labyrinth, mysterious things will happen..."

...And so on. Nearly everyone was gossiping about a huge labyrinth full of treasure.

Surprisingly enough, this supposed treasure was located somewhere up in Heaven.
Humans shouldn't normally have been able to get into Heaven, but according to
those who'd been there, they'd been guided there by a "three-colored lantern".

Reimu, Marisa and Sanae went to search for someone who knew more about the lantern.
The three heroines each found a companion, each with their own objective in mind.
And so, they set out on an adventure in search of the treasure's hiding place.

With lamplight in hand, the six ventured into the labyrinth, which almost
seemed to become a glimmering galaxy as soon as one set foot inside...
--- End quote ---


* A revamped story and updated art and character designs, courtesy of D.Byte.
* A remastered soundtrack, courtesy of Pesot.jp/.
* A main game consisting of six stages, plus a substantial amount of extra content. (For the trial, only the first three stages are included.)
* Three playable teams of two characters each. Each character's shot varies based on whether she is active during unfocused or focused movement.
* Three "lantern options", which influence the player's starting lives, shot power, and more.
* A unique "Light Up" mode that involves mixing colors to determine item drops.
* Infinite continues. Credits are outdated.
* A fast and fully-functional spell practice mode.
* A whopping 100 replay slots. Just because.
* Auto-shot and auto-bomb options for those who may want to use them.
* Accessibility options for color-blind players.
* Complete support for both English and Japanese.
Playable Characters

* Safe & Stable Security Type
* Reimu Hakurei: Your run-of-the-mill homing type with average speed.
* Tenshi Hinanawi: A slower, moderately strong forward-focused type with a touch of randomness.
* Power & Speed Emphasis Type
* Marisa Kirisame: A powerful, piercing type with lasers that stick to enemies.
* Byakuren Hijiri: A penetrative spread type that gets stronger when used at a distance. (Warning: FAST!)
* Slow & Unstable Expert-Oriented Type
* Sanae Kochiya: An accelerating, aesthetically pleasing spread type with an average damage output.
* Mononobe no Futo: A slow and powerful multidirectional type that rotates as the player moves. Spin to win.
Lantern Options

* Red: Specialized in survival. Starts with 4 lives and ensures a life piece at the end of Light Up.
* Green: Specialized in attack. Starts with 3 lives, substantially increases damage output, and ensures a spell piece at the end of Light Up.
* Blue: Specialized in scoring. Starts with 2 lives, slightly increases damage output, and ensures point items at the end of Light Up.

* Reverie Promenade et al.
* D.Byte: Creator and owner of Treasure Castle Labyrinth, artist, storywriter, and development overseer.
* Ikaro Automata: Artist and idea provider.
* Pesot.jp/: Soundtrack composer and arranger.
* Naudiz: Lead developer, system and package scripter, level designer, graphic designer, et cetera. (Now you know why I'm so tired all the time.)
* Jean Fox: Creator of the Treasure Castle Labyrinth development group (i.e. the one who started it all) and level designer.
* Gilde: English-Japanese translator, level design helper, and balancer. (Overall a HUGE help.)
* Green Dinobot: Pixel artist (for boss sprites) and level designer.
* Mino: System helper and balancer.
* Natashi: Engine optimizer. (Made my scripting life a whole lot easier!)
* Playtesters: Stormplush, yeashie, TwinHonks, Greninja, Adam, CreepyNinja_, PKWeegee, Trickysticks, K.Sine, and Frogmask.

Treasure Castle Labyrinth has been one of my favorite Touhou fanworks for a long time, and I'm over the moon about getting to help make it into a full game. :) (Officially, no less!)
I hope you all enjoy the new music, danmaku and everything else when the demo comes out in the next week or two!!

I'm both amazed that this is even happening at all and also surprised that nobody has tried to do this sooner.
Looking forward to seeing what comes of this!

Trial's here!!!!

sorry if i beat you to it naudiz, orz

It's never been that hard for me to find something wrong with a trial version.
First of all seeing all these people, d.byte, pesot.jp, Kuroha/Crystalwing (hope it's more than just one song in the trial though, kind of funny seeing as the game borrows oxygen mechanic from MB [tho it's closer to ADP] for Seki fight), gilde, Naudiz, Mino and others work together on something I wish was real since the original CD came out kind of warms my heart.

Secondly, sure, the game does get screen busy a lot, but you even implemented a Colourblind option in case (which while it only changes ghosts to letters, it's still an appreciated effort).

Thirdly, god the music and everything in between, dialogues, background, aesthetic, it really suits TLC to a T. It's one of the better looking fangames right now and it doesn't sacrifice performance from what I've seen. Maybe it's because just like with Nansei and Touhou UotAR I just know what's coming and I'm hyped to see my favorites being remade, but still, it does add to the experience.

Good luck, especially with all these postgame stages. I really hope Tenxka (if she's still in, would be weird not to see her) looks more like she did originally, rather than how every single Youtube upload portrays her.


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