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What kind of car would the touhou girl be driving at ?


In the spirit of rewatching Initial D again (and having a Toho Eurobeat binge), I was trying to figured out what kind of car would each touhou girl be driving, if they want to race in a touge at the Youkai Mountain. Let me know in the comment

For example: Marisa would be a muscle car girl, or more like a Drag race kind of gal, like a Dodge Demon. A heavily tune one too, presumptively with her Hakkero at the back and a giant bumper at the front, for maximum missile acceleration.

I'm thinking Momiji would have a Jeep or similar off-road vehicle, in keeping with her mountain guard job.

1969 Ford Mustang for Marisa. One that would literally dematerialize any passenger if it crashed into anything. Without seat belts or airbags.


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