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Nikenme AI: ZUN plans to release previous titles on Steam next year, and more

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I was thinking it should go in the news forum only once it's formally announced. I also didn't want to have to wait for mod approval lol

What gave the impression that it's gonna be a spinoff?

The exchange was Beat Mario asking him if it'll be an integer (main) game and ZUN says "I don't know, maybe it'll be a non-integer (side) game" which means it's probably the latter. He also talks about how things might change a bit, and some fans might get mad, or that there could be a divide amongst certain fans. His wording is really ambiguous and he acknowledges that he says stuff like this all the time so who knows.

Timestamp is roughly 3:05:30.

excited to support ZUN at first but then realizing i have to pay

there goes my commission money

This is really HYPE!! I can't wait for touhou 17, or any new fighting games he has to offer!! Also, it's good to see some other games on steam :D

I'm interested in what new protagonists there will be too.....

mima extra boss pls? owo


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