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Nikenme AI: ZUN plans to release previous titles on Steam next year, and more

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--- Quote from: mads on January 20, 2019, 10:45:17 PM ---ZUN has gone on record saying he is in support of...free full game downloads

--- End quote ---
Where exactly? As far as I know, he was only okay with the English patches; he never said anything condoning downloading his games for free.

And any changes that happened because of Touhou on Steam already have (such as fan games now being allowed).

I was gonna post saying the same thing. He's never said anything about condoning piracy; at most he has been surprised at how much people have to pay to import the games and that people will pay that anyways. This is of course a big reason why he's eventually made the efforts to release digitally. One might misinterpret "he's surprised people will pay for the games at import prices" as an expectation that otherwise people would pirate and so that's condoning it, but besides that being a mistake, ZUN was also regularly surprised that there was a sizeable overseas fanbase at all, really.


--- Quote from: mads on January 20, 2019, 10:45:17 PM ---omg, that's dedication. because of the scarcity outside of japan, ZUN has gone on record saying he is in support of the free english patches and free full game downloads so that touhou can be enjoyed internationally. i wonder if that will change with things going to steam, but since it's ZUN, i doubt it

--- End quote ---

They're only like 10-13 bucks if you get them in Japan which really isn't that bad. I was able to get every main title game in the series post PC-98 for less then I'd be paying these days for lets say 2 triple A titles.

In regards to steam it's mainly just because I want to support them bringing more games over on steam since it could potentially help open the game up to a bit of a larger audience in the west which could be cool.

ZUN applied for Reitaisai. I hope there is a demo incoming.

Given that his previous statements point to him releasing a decimal game at Comiket, this might be something different. Like that article suggests, it could be a music CD, which I would be 300% down for.


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