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[Music CD]s that mimic ZUN games: Last Update? Smells like Beer vol. 2 and more!
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First things first: Extra stage to 東方人哀篇 ~ Uncreatable Idea. has been released by Burnyuho. It's a pretty good way to end an already good package. If you liked the story and characters of the originals you might especially enjoy one character making a return. Oh and stage theme seems to be a remix of few ZUN songs already, pretty cool. No idea how to translate theme titles though.

Spoiler: seriously I wonder why Mrs. Cinnabar is back, I do get that she's supposed to author's avatar of some sorts, but she felt like the only unrelated character in the story, that being said, now the description of her species makes sense

Secondly - and the reason this is appearently not just Uncreatable Idea thread anymore, artist known as khirio partnered together with his pal Nokisaki Furin and also tried something similar with their trial release of Touhou Shukanto ~ Brilliant Works:

You can find individual songs here on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/khirio/sets/brilliant-works-trial-ver
And individual art on pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=70850484

Ost names seem to be:

--- Quote --- 1. Candlelight Bridge
 2. Vermilion Sky
 3. White Messenger
 4. Wickedest Forest
 5. Blustery Staccato
 6. Foggy Twilight
 7. Silhouette in the Dusk
--- End quote ---
Whooa, this is really cool!  Thanks for sharing Popcioslav! 

Do you know if Brilliant Works will be a proper fangame or just a fan album?

--- Quote from: Shizzo on November 24, 2018, 02:22:10 PM ---Do you know if Brilliant Works will be a proper fangame or just a fan album?

--- End quote ---
Everything I shared and will share here is for 99,9% going to just stay as fan albums, just with fangame disguise.
 Book of Star Mythology is the only fan album to be turned into a fangame as far as I know.
Uncreatable EX summaryyyy. voila!

Summary of Brilliant Works:

--- Quote ---For some reason the evening glow has been stretching on for hours each day. Weird!! Let's go investigate!!

* Stage 1 boss is Wakaba Yahata, a carrier pigeon youkai. The Stage 2 boss slashed her mailbag and now she's dropping letters everywhere whoops
* Stage 2 boss is Kazari Kamakura, a kamaitachi. ...That's about it! She's just a plain ol' kamaitachi without any quirky twist or whatever. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
* Stage 3 boss is Yu Mikage, a youkai responsible for urban legends of "shadow people". Her shadow powers are strongest at sunset, so she's been enjoying the incident... but as she informs the protagonist, it's not real sunset. The flow of time hasn't been affected or anything; it's just that someone's emitting a huge amount of light well into nighttime. Off we go to find them!
--- End quote ---
Also here's what the original JP titles for some of the songs are (the ones not listed are the same as the official English alt titles, just in katakana).

--- Quote ---
* 1. Bridge of Dreams, Lit by the Setting Evening Sun
(*the "setting evening sun" part (夕日のさして) is taken from one of Sei Shonagon's poems in the Pillow Book, specifically the same poem about the seasons that ZUN drew the "youyou" part of PCB's title from)
* 4. Enchanted by the Forest's Magic
(*the phrasing used here (魔法にかけられて) is the same as the JP title of the 2007 movie Enchanted?? not sure whether coincidence or not :U)
* 5. Staccato of Strong Gales
* 7. Silhouette Floating in the Dusk
(*these two are just splitting hairs really)
--- End quote ---

(i love it whenever a tracklist comes with simplified or even wholly different english titles like with ZUN's music CDs)
Thank you a lot for the summary, gilde!  Always awesome to read your translations! ♥

 That being said, huh, the Ex boss sure has a lot of obscure references to her spellcards.  Most of them which I couldn't even find through google-fu.  Still, that OST is 10/10, I'm loving it and the new album's too!
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