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[Music CD]s that mimic ZUN games: Last Update? Smells like Beer vol. 2 and more!
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--- Quote from: Popcioslav on January 08, 2020, 01:32:56 AM ---If it's perhaps not too much, can I ask you regarding Smells like Beer title translations or whatever is there to translate?
Are do you have no issue with KK's translation?

--- End quote ---
Oh yeah totally, it's no problem.
This is actually my first time sitting down and listening to the Smells Like Beer tracks, and WOW they're just as good as the rest of Useless's work.
(One note: the tracks aren't actually part of one unified game concept. Volume 2 has no story attached, though Useless's video comments indicate that they're planning a sci-fi-themed story for Volume 3. I'd SO love to see a full set of characters and stuff from them, though!!)

Track title TL notes (the others are basically perfect already imo):

--- Quote ---Vol.1 track 4: "The Underground Closest to the Ground"
Vol.2 track 1: "My Grandfather's Clock Was..."
    (*Taken from the first lines of "My Grandfather's Clock" in Japanese.)
Vol.2 track 2: "The Good 'Ole Days Running in Parallel ~ Contemporary Period"
    (*According to the video's track comment, this one's title "might make sense come October of next year". On 2020/10/10, I imagine? :V)
Vol.2 track 6: "The Romantic Trumpet From That Day"
--- End quote ---
So a page for Artificial City, including price tag, theme titles and release date got shown: https://wataboushi1004.wixsite.com/website

Seems like a couple of first songs are remasters of sorts and later songs follow the Touhou game OST structure
I probably won't be able to buy the album, but I wonder if it'll ever get uploaded anywhere someday.
Okay so I've got really good news!
Brilliant Works Stages 4-6 OST by Kirbio got released!
Link to Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7GCgitVGwE
Link to Soundcloud DL: https://soundcloud.com/khirio/sets/brilliant-works-full-ver
Link to Stage 4-6 art as linked by Gilde beforehand: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/73090031

Theme titles according to gilde:

--- Quote --- 1. Candlelight Bridge
 2. Vermilion Sky
 3. White Messenger (Wakaba Yahata's theme)
 4. Wickedest Forest
 5. Blustery Staccato (Kazari Kamakura's theme)
 6. Foggy Twilight
 7. Silhouette in the Dusk (Yu Mikage's theme)
 8. Rest in the Flow of a River Bathed in Light
 9. Magic Hour of Clear Streams (Ukyou Izumi's theme)
10. Shining Silence of a Remote Land
11. Solitary Silent Hunter (Shizuka Udzuki's theme)
12. The Sound of Flowers Echoing in the Night Sky
13. Gleaming Flowers that Fill the Sky ~ Brilliant Bouquet (Shushu Hinoya's theme)
14.  -? (Ending theme)
15.  -? (Staff Roll)
16. -? (Game Over theme)

--- End quote ---

I'm really loving these last couple of OSTs. Brilliant Bouquet especially!
3 Posts in a row. I have bittersweet news

First of all I was wrong with that teaser long time ago in regards to Burnyuho's next project. The sequel to Uncreatable Idea won't be called "Ancient Times except Nature." but "Sweet Smells and Foolish Evils."... but of course.
Link: https://youtu.be/j9LeSkL6-X4
I am expecting a whiplash because the previous project was more dark and this one seems to be more cutesy, but who knows, maybe he'll make it work.

The bitter sad news are of course refering to the passing of MoTK's admin. First of all, while I don't think I've ever replied to them, I'm sure they were nice, rest peace.
I'll probably try to carry over all the translations and findings to a replacement site, but other than that, thanks for following this mini thread and carry on~
It's a really shame what happened, but I just wanted to thank you guys for posting on this thread and keeping stuff updated; I REALLY like all of these composers' work so I'm very thankful you've kept us noted on their releases!  You rock! ♥
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