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[Music CD]s that mimic ZUN games: Last Update? Smells like Beer vol. 2 and more!
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Kept you waiting, huh?

First of all, we have an announcement of a Touhou-style CD coming from a lot of familiar faces - including Burnyuho of Uncreatable Idea and few others.
It's called 東方無街條 ~ The Artificial City. and here's the trailer
They've shown a couple of bosses and on twitter you can find all main protag's art.

Hopefuly it delivers


Next news! And this is actually pretty old by now. If you haven't heard, right before WBaWC's release Useless - the famous fake maker whom we'll get to in a bit - actually released his prediction fakes for TH17. Again, this wasn't Smells like Beer vol. 2 - it was released on New Year's Eve - but it was still 6 songs of pure ZUN-like delight.
Here are niconico videos showcasing all of them: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm35516516 and https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm35521556
Here's a dropbox where you can download of said songs from: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/099f5181rsajm38/AABB0ZSI8-W6dDjnxRlj_Ykea?dl=0
Translations are still appreciated.
So there are two things I should mention, one is that the predict was that stage 5 would be a double boss again, based on Saki's and Yachie's silhouttes. And well, the final boss being of course the silhoutte in the middle. And while this mini album isn't Useless' best work, I do love the final stage themes. Stage sounds like a mix between UFO and HSiFS final stage themes and while final boss theme takes obvious inspirations from Last Occultism, it almost sounds better than that song.


Oh and yeah, Smells like Beer vol. 2 by Useless got released 6 days ago as of me making this post.
Here's the download link: https://ichigo-paprika.booth.pm/items/1754740?ref=pc_watch_description
Here's the nico video: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm36163807
The stages and fourth boss track -  Contemporary Period - are very close to homages to original songs, but there are some interesting interpretations. Such as stage 5 theme song have instrumentation closer to Unlocated Hell, while still keeping parts of the original melody from Beast Metropolis. Stage 5 boss is... interesting. One riff reminds me of Urumi's theme, but other than that you can tell Useless tried making last 3 songs as unique as possible. I honestly don't know what the final boss theme could alude to, probably Useless decided to give up on making Idolatrize World better and did his own thing and imo it's great. I really hope he makes vol. 3 with extra stage themes, ending, staff roll and maybe even some fake phantasm themes, but that's just me fanboying.
Translations are welcomed.

Speaking of, I'm sorry for ending such a big post this way, but I am thinking about switching to reddit, 4chan or somewhere else with these posts. It's clear that MoTK isn't the same it used to be and half of the people can't even open the forum. I just want to share awesome artists. Also no idea what happened to gilde (miss ya) so I might as well try to translate things myself from now on.

RIP Brilliant Works full OST coming never.
Oh hey. I've been keeping an eye on MoTK just in case this thread happened to be updated.

TAC seems super promising, especially if we're getting more tracks from the elusive veteran DO, as the last I heard of them was the april fools' album they did with Misora waaaay back a few years ago. Can't wait! Also 2hu internet Napoleon, Spoiler: and whatever that creepyness was at the end ;w;[/size]

I also was able to hear Useless' not-WBaWC-and-SLB extra tracks and HOLY HOT DAMN are those some of the catchiest/amazing Touhou-like tracks I have ever heard, almost improving upon probably one of my most favorite Touhou soundtracks ever with uniquely-modeled reinterpretations of Useless' own making!

--- Quote ---東方風研究 ~ Smells Like Beer. vol.2 (Tōhō Fukenkyū, "Eastern Fan Research") (東方風 is the Japanese signifier of Touhou-style fan content you can find on Nicovideo and Pixiv)

1.   おおきなのっぽの──
    Noppo-no-Okina Yeah, not super sure what this is meant to be a pun on.

2.   並行する古き良き時代 ~ Contemporary Period
    The Good 'Ole Days in Kindred ~ Contemporary Period

3.   人造「パーフェクト・アンド・ウロング」
    Imitation "Perfect and Wrong"

4.   【削除済】時間大逆罪
    The L?se-Majest? at Spoiler:   [DATA EXPUNGED]    O'Clock Yes, part of the song's title is "censored" like that (the Japanese SCP Foundation renders "expunged" and "omitted" text fragments with the phrase 削除済, lit. "deleted")
5.   凍てつく青い鳥
    The Frozen Bluebird

6.   あの日のロマンティック・トランペット
    Romantic Trumpet of the Day
--- End quote ---

To comment on the songs in order;

(No.1) wow that slow, guitar/piano-centric buildup, especially with the solo piano portion partway through. When the song fully kicks in it actually has a waaay different mood compared to Unlocated Hell, especially due to the altered time signature and it's key change. It gets to that rhythm eventually but still.
(No.2) I was already hooked hearing it as a single on Useless' Soundcloud, but I really love just how much this song focuses on the guitar. It doesn't use synths as much as Fortune and Misfortune does so it feels lighter in a way.
(No.3) ...what was that start? Is that a train or something??? HOLY CRAP THIS IS NOT BEAST METROPOLIS LISTEN TO THOSE SYNTHS LISTEN TO THEM I SAY It's almost supposed to be the equivalent of Joutounin of Ceramics (much like how Track 4 from Vol.1 used much more instrumentation from Submerged Bovine than Lost River), and I reaaaaally like it that way,
(No.4) Wow, this almost is Electric Heritage as a boss theme. Especially with those honking and fading synths, though the Ceramics squelch synths burst in Spoiler: and for some reason directly cribs part of Submerged Bovine?? ?? ?? ? ?? Even using the one-two-one-two-onetwo rhythm for an unrelated guitar passage later on.(No.5) Now THIS is really confusing, because we're going back to Jelly Stone and Lamentations for some reason? I am not complaining because holy crap I love how spacey and hectic this sounds. I could almost hear a sense of happiness in this, but the very slightly minor key adds a bit of drama to it as well.
(No.6) Unexpectedly, we have a mishmash of many tracks from both volumes in a medley that has a steadily-increasing BPM (and it gets REALLY FAST by the end, seriously). I am not sure if this is supposed to be a final boss theme or an unnaturally-dramatic staff roll theme.

--- Quote from: KaiserKnuckle on January 07, 2020, 07:00:14 AM ---(No.6) Unexpectedly, we have a mishmash of many tracks from both volumes in a medley that has a steadily-increasing BPM (and it gets REALLY FAST by the end, seriously). I am not sure if this is supposed to be a final boss theme or an unnaturally-dramatic staff roll theme.

--- End quote ---
I do feel like it's definitely supposed to be the final boss theme. I like how it includes both the main menu song and somehow not only has a sample of "The Lamentations Known Only by Jizo"'s guitars at the end there, but also uses Spooky Lead (almost makes me feel like this could be ExEika's theme). It does take a while to get really into it, seeing as it's not really based on any specific final boss theme and it is weird, but that final melody though. Actually the whole song goes through several different moods, like it's a dream or something. If Violet Detector had a unique final boss theme and this would've been it, I'd probably like the ending of that game more.

Everything else is pretty much what I've already said or what I agree with.

--- Quote from: Popcioslav on January 06, 2020, 07:12:46 PM ---Also no idea what happened to gilde (miss ya)

--- End quote ---
I ain't dead don't worry!! I'm just preoccupied doing other stuff usually. I still glance around the forums on pretty much a daily basis, I just don't have anything particularly interesting to contribute most of the time.
If anyone wants a translation or infodump of a particular work, you can feel free to hit me up whenever. (     ・▽・)/
Speaking of which, TL for Useless's WBaWC prediction OST (and NRT's prediction characters, who the OST was composed for):

--- Quote ---Stage 4: "All Throughout Hell Can Demons Make Their Home"
 *Reference to the poem recited by an imperial envoy to banish Fujiwara no Chikata's oni servants: "As even the grasses and trees are within our Emperor's realm / Where, then, shall demons make their home?"
S4 Boss: "Demon's Tear"
 Kishin Chief of a Watery Hell - Fujiwara no Mizuki (no illustration)
   Ability: gathering water
   Rare Beast Spirit: oni (representing oni as an 'extinct species' in Gensokyo, or perhaps the Futabasaurus)
The Kishin chief who was sent to assassinate Seiga in that one WaHH chapter. Formerly served Fujiwara no Chikata before being banished to Hell. Ties in with the overall theme of "water" and "children" (with Fujiwara as a sort of father figure), though she's just a random passerby who the protagonists pick a fight with.

Stage 5: "The Scorching Wind Carried by Beasts"
S5 Boss: "Deerhawk Priest"
   The Flame and Wind who Command the Beast Spirits - Karuma Tagori (left) & Homura Tagitsu (right)
   Ability: controlling wind (Karuma) / controlling fire (Homura)
   Rare Beast Spirit: deer & hawk (specifically the Sika deer, which is now uncommon outside Japan / the mountain hawk-eagle)
A pair of beast spirits who serve the S6 boss. In NRT's prediction, the beast spirits are regular residents of Hell who answer to Karuma and Homura. They sent their subordinate beast spirits to the Sanzu River on S6's orders, but since the spirits started causing a bunch of mischief, they're currently trying to get them back in line. Based on Benzaiten's deer and hawk servants, as well as the goddesses Tagorihime and Tagitsuhime of the Munakata Taisha.

Stage 6: "Rumbling of Avici"
S6 Boss: "Benten's Blessed Rain ~ Wily Serpent"
   The Deeply Merciful Serpent Goddess - Saija Ugajin
   Ability: employing beast spirits
   Rare Beast Spirit: snake (loosely representing dinosaurs or dragons as an extinct species, if you squint)
The goddess Benzaiten, drawing particular inspiration from her syncretic incarnation as Uga-Benzaiten, as well as Ichikishimahime of the Munakata Taisha. Typically a goddess of water and fertility, among other things, but since she draws from several different incarnations and aspects of herself, she's in charge of a corner of Hell to boot. In NRT's prediction, the 'incident' was actually Saija sending her beast spirits to the Sanzu River to serve as companions for the stillborns there (as fellow 'extinct' beings). But then the spirits got up to shenanigans and roped the protagonist into going and fighting her. :V
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: gilde on January 07, 2020, 09:09:11 PM ---If anyone wants a translation or infodump of a particular work, you can feel free to hit me up whenever. (     ・▽・)/

--- End quote ---
Nice, really happy about these NRT character translations. I'll add them to the first post soon.
If it's perhaps not too much, can I ask you regarding Smells like Beer title translations or whatever is there to translate?
Or do you have no issue with KK's translation?

Guess I'll stick to posting here  :o
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