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[Music CD]s that mimic ZUN games: Last Update? Smells like Beer vol. 2 and more!
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Few things I've gotta hit on.
Personally to me I don't mind weird references on Theophilia after all. Actually I really like the idea of Crime/Investigation involving youkais since due to their inhuman and often impossible powers they indeed would be capable of Perfect Crime, I wish something like that was done again, but better (I know White Names Spoiled Past did that, but again, I felt like it could've been handled better).
Regarding the reference, I don't think the creator is like that, Theophilia most likely however. Even in the teaser before the extra video he posted this, which seems to be containing parts of "The Corpus Delicti" novel. All those references make her seem like someone who would be in an episode of "Making a Murderer" and I think it's interesting idea nonetheless? Someone appearing as a social stage 2 boss, there's no way they are actually a cold-blooded killer above the law, is there? I do think showcasing that truly the most powerful and disturbing things in Gensokyo are those small fries is a good narrative point. I was kind of hoping with ZUN doing this with Eternity after implying she's a Tokoyo no Kami, but he didn't really do anything of the sort so far.

I would normally say I look forward to the creator's next work... but Burnyuho already posted a teaser for it appearently?: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm34227604
Ancient Times except Nature. seems to be another Music album mimicing ZUN's games, music and artstyle. I'm not good at translating so I don't know anything else, but hey, it's something I suppose? Kind of weird for them to not post it on Youtube like he did with Uncreatable Idea. but I'm happy nonetheless

Also I was kind of hoping to learn more about Kazari because I did realize she was a kamaitachi even at the first glance, but I was kind of hoping there would be more to her. Ah well, at least it's funny she and stage 1 boss have some kind of relationship. I hope there will be more things like that with future game/album stories. Like stage 2 boss was a victim of stage 3 boss, which in return works for stage 4 boss and so fourth. It helps imo. Like in UC's case, the story is solid, but after reading the translation, Ai kind of came out of nowhere and the only relation to the plot she had was the she was mastermind's creation.
Stages 4 through 6 of Brilliant Works are oooouuuuut. (In art form, at least! Music will presumably be done at a later date.)

--- Quote ---Stage 4 boss is Ukyou Izumi, an entertainer from the Human Village who unwittingly became a magician in the process of honing her craft. She's particularly good with mizugei (traditional performance involving water sprays). The stage 6 boss is her prot?g?, who she's on her way to meet.

Stage 5 boss is Shizuka Udzuki, an owl youkai with the ability to erase sound. Unlike Luna, though, her powers obey the laws of thermodynamics, so the sound gets converted into light energy. This is the source of the massive light; there's been so much noise coming from the other end of the woods that Shizuka can't get any reading done, so she's been erasing it with her powers. (It's served as a nice reading lamp, in her opinion.) After beating her, she agrees to turn off her powers if we deal with whatever's been making the noise.

Stage 6 boss is Ukyou's prot?g? Shushu Hinoya. She's a candle tsukumogami with the power to manipulate fire, and started studying fireworks (the source of all the noise) under Ukyou's guidance so she could make people happy in a way that she couldn't as an old, unused candle. Her fight with the protagonists is just a fun fireworks rehearsal from her perspective, but either way, it satisfies her enough to take a break from her current location and go practice elsewhere.

8. Rest in the Flow of a River Bathed in Light
9. Magic Hour of Clear Streams
10. Shining Silence of a Remote Land
11. Solitary Silent Hunter
12. The Sound of Flowers Echoing in the Night Sky
13. Gleaming Flowers that Fill the Sky ~ Brilliant Bouquet

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: gilde on February 13, 2019, 05:22:11 AM ---Stages 4 through 6 of Brilliant Works are oooouuuuut. (In art form, at least! Music will presumably be done at a later date.)

--- End quote ---

Yeah seen it already, but didn't know if it's alright to post it seeing as there's no music for now.
Still it's kind of cool to imagine what kind of songs these characters will have. ESPECIALLY Shushu Hinoya's.

Uncreatable Idea became a full on album... for free of course. Also new cool cover art

sorry for a lil' bump there
not ZUNs wife:
Uncreatable Idea is very memorable and fun
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